The Vulcan Chaingun is a weapon introduced in Revenge of the Yolk, it's a dark-blue colored weapon that fires bullets at fast rate, damaging any enemies on it's path. This weapon is available if you pick the dark-blue gift that drops from enemies.
Vulcan Chaingun Present

Vulcan Chaingun in CI4 and later


The Vulcan Chaingun is a rapid-fire weapon with decent strength and straightforward range, it can be used to clear enemy waves with ease and fight bosses with not so much problems, it's use is not unlimited but very clear. You can unlock this weapon for 75 keys in CI4 and CI5.


  • Fast firing rate, making it a reliable weapon against waves of chickens.
  • Medium-High overheat rate, you can safely fire it continuously.
    Vulcan Chaingun

    Vulcan Chaingun vs. Henterprise!

  • Automatic fire is recommended to use this weapon.
  • Good management of this weapon can easily defeat bosses.


  • Depends on firepower, without enough firepower, this weapon is extremely weak and unreliable.
  • It's strength falls of in harder difficulties, specially against bosses.
  • It's not a safe pick against bosses since it's a hard weapon to maneuver and hitting with it requires decent skill.
  • The Boron Railgun in Ultimate Omelette is more powerful than this weapon and much faster overall.


  • This is one of the few weapons that is very quick fired when automatically firing it, along with Boron Railgun and Photon Swarm.
  • This is one among certain weapons that depends on firepower a lot to be stronger.
  • At Firepower 20, it fires 5 shots that deal 40 damage each, all of them totals 200 (Superstar Hero).

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