The Utensil Poker is a comical weapon introduced in Revenge of the Yolk, Ultimate Omelette and Cluck of the Dark Side as an unlockable weapon, it is also one of the very first weapons that need requirements to be unlocked. It throws forks and two-tined forks. To obtain this weapon in-game, you must pick the black gift that drops from enemies. With an exception of Firepower 0, which fire 1 fork, it will shoot in these directions (far left, left, middle, right, far right)


This is a tricky weapon to use since it has 3 firing "waves": A focused one, a semi-spreaded one and a spreaded one, after the last one, it returns to semi-spreaded and then repeats from focused again. This is a very strong weapon with skill and almost every enemy is greatly damaged by this weapon, firepower affects what this weapon throws, it will throw forks first and then two-tined forks with enough firepower.

To unlock this weapon in Revenge of the Yolk, complete the game in the Rookie/Veteran difficulty.

In Ultimate Omelette, go to Unlockables and unlock this weapon with 200 keys, and 150 in CI5.
Untensil Poker

Utensil Poker VS Egg Cannon


  • Very strong weapon for about every possible stage.
  • It's the only weapon that includes 3 firing "waves", allowing it to be multipurpose.
  • It almost never overheats if you manually fire it (it's also much faster).
  • It's effective against the Henterprise, Chickens and Hen House.


  • It is not entirely easy to unlock it, especially in Ultimate Omelette and Cluck of the Dark Side due to the key requirements.
    Utensil Poker Present

    Utensil Poker Present

  • It relies on firepower to increase it's damage and spread (in the spreaded waves).
  • Some bosses might have damage resistance.


  • It's the only weapon involving utensils/trinkets as ammo to fire.
  • It's a very comical weapon due to the fact of being ridiculously strong againist chickens and it literally uses trinkets as weapons.
  • In "The Next Wave", on the main menu, you can "poke" a random flying chicken with a fork (by clicking since it's your mouse cursor) until it flies off-screen, this is possibly the concept of the weapon.
  • It's two-tined forks can also be called Carving Forks or Sharp Forks.
  • In ROTY, the Yolk-StarTM randomly drops this weapon, even if it isn't unlocked.

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