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  • I was born on November 1
  • I am male
  • Theguyisp

    this is story of my number 1 enemies lets begin

    story of crazy zombie bunnies

    long time ago Back in 2005

    They were good and not bad

    but they were bullied by other animals like:Bear;Dog,Cat,Chicken,Intergalactic Chickens and Rabbids and Bullied by humans (probaly sure yokai bullied them)

    they were bullied by being so ugly

    in 2016 they started to be bad and crazy zombies,Build crazy robots like BUNNYBOTZ and BUNNY SHIP

    they have leaders like Jabbit,Proffesor Bunny and dark bunny

    jabbit and proffesor bunny are killed by me

    this year they have invaded all countries but i saved them and i need to go in BUNNYTOWN TO defeat GIANT BUNNYBOTZ

    they say they will return in 2019

    at 2019 i will try to kill dark bunny


    yokai if you really bullied them…

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  • Theguyisp

    so i wanted to made a rap Battle song so here is:


    Hero:these chickens are stupid i can beat them in ssecond Hero:i will use their roast  chickens:we will rule milky way chickens :we will rule solar system hero:i will use powers and neutron gunhero:i will kill your mother hen ship chickens: big chickens will destroy you*big chicken explodes*hero:that was easy *hero meets yolk star* hero:oh;D: Chickens:you cant beat our yolk star ,we wll rule solar system chickens: anti-roast *hero wins* chickens: WHAAAAAAAT? *hensolo comes* Hero: hen solo chickens ahead chickens:NOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU WIN, SPACE SHIP *THE END*​ So i need some remixes from CI5 AND 3 SONGS

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  • Theguyisp

    i want to make an game that is complains UNDERTRASH its a revenge of sans and sANS THE FATASS Is going zo be final boss of the game his attacks:phase 1 attack:throwing bones,rotate phase 2 attacks: skeleton wooble,throwing bones and giant bones phase 3 attacks,The Ultimate Ketchup Beam,Throwing Giant Bones FINAL PHASE ATTACKS his laugh words that directly  shot at you the heroes of game are: The Hero,Chickens,Spongebob,TROLOLOLOLOLO Meme,EmeraldPlay,BluRu and me

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  • Theguyisp

    Chicken Invaders fangame

    December 6, 2016 by Theguyisp

    remember chicken multiplicity boss level can it reappear on chicken invaders fan game with this music (credits to a game from spongebob battle from bikini botom)

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  • Theguyisp

    What IAS Working??? What IAS Thinking With CI6??????  i Think IA is doing With CI6 Really Great New Weapons,New unlockabes,New waves,new editions,New  Sattelites,New Good Music,New enemies,New Bosses And More And i think IA Is Doing An Alphy versions or it just a joke,Have a great day everybody

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