"Chicken Mega Launcher" is the final and also the 6th,13th and 22nd boss in Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox (only in my imagination)



Design of "Chicken Mega Launcher"

The Chicken Mega Launcher have total 8 attacks (10 in Veteran and 12 in Superstar Hero)on 4 different encounter. On the first encounter it have 120,000 HP ,on the second encounter it have 240,000 HP, on the third encounter it have 360,000 HP and for the last battle it have 2,000,000 HP


  1. Welcome death beams: only take place at the beginning of every phase (like the Henterprise disk laser). They're come out from the turbo engines on the far left and far right .The beams itself is pretty easy to avoid.
  2. Sun-bombs: also come out from the turbo engines. Each release 3 suns, making a total of 6. Again, the suns act like the sun from the Henterprise.
  3. Fire & Ice: the left inter-dimensional portal release supernova debris (like in the Supernova chapter) and the right one release ice debris (like on Eta Astropelecae).They're release at the same time (It's funny that they're complete opposite but work in the same way). The debris is extremely hard to destroy because they break down to a lot more debris. 
  4. Chick(en) wobble: come out from the two inter-dimensional portals, making sure that no chicks or chickens on the planet are harm during the battle.
  5. Instant lasers: come out from the 4 instant laser poles near the center (perhaps the poles are recycled from the Henterprise CK-01, but they're red instead of purple).
  6. Thunderbolt: the generator in the middle generates 5 (6 in Veteran & Superstar Hero) thunderbolts. The thunderbolts are pretty much the same as the ones on Eta Astropelecae but they're red.
  7. Rip in space: create a few rips in space, you must avoid those rips. If not, you'll be transfer to some alien dimension (lost a life)
  8. Magnetic changes: The Chicken Mega Laucher uses its giant magnet (only visible in cutscene) to mess your gyroscope out, steer your ship to the left or to the right (maximun 60 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right)
  9. Grenade strike (Veteran and Superstar Hero only): Release 5 (6 in Superstar Hero), the grenade is exactly the same as the Military Chicken's grenades.
  10. Radar eons (Veteran and Superstar Hero only): The generator shoots 8 (10 in Superstar Hero) eons with radar. It's classic but deadly.
  11. "Jungle of eggs" (Superstar Hero only): Each of the instant laser poles randomly shoots 5 eggs in random directions. Making a total of 20 eggs radomly flying and must be avoid.
  12. Terminator chick(en)s (Superstar Hero only): 8-10 terminator chick(en)s fly in, they're much weaker than regular chicks (about 1/5 of a regular chick(en)'s health). 

Attack pattern

Chapter 7

Welcome death beam --> Instant lasers --> Chick Wobble (x3) --> Sun-bombs

Then repeat from the Chick Wobble.

Chapter 14


Phase 1 

Welcome death beam --> Random Instant Lasers + Thunderbolts --> Chick wobble (x2) 

Then repeat from the Random Instant Lasers + Thunderbolts.

Phase 2 & 3

Welcome death beam --> Chick wobble (x3) --> Fire & Ice (x2) --> Thunderbolts --> Fire & Ice

Then repeat from the Fire & Ice (x2).

Veteran & Superstar Hero

Phase 1 & 2

Welcome death beam --> Thunderbolt (x3) --> Fire & Ice --> Chick Wobble --> Fire & Ice (x2) --> Thunderbolts

Then repeat from the Fire & Ice.

Phase 3

Welcome death beam --> Random Instant Lasers + Thunderbolts (x2) --> (Ordinary Chicken Wobble --> Sun-bombs) x7 --> Radar Eons

Then repeat from the Radar Eon. 

Chapter 22


Phase 1, 2 & 3

Welcome death beam --> Magnetic changes --> [Ordinary Chicken Wobble (x3) --> Magnetic changes --> Fire & Ice (x2)] --> Magnetic changes 

Then repeat from the first Magnetic changes.

Phase 4

Welcome death beam --> Thunderbolts + Random Instant Laser (x5) --> Rip in space (x3)

Then repeat from the Thunderbolts + Random Instant Laser (x5). Don't forget that The Chicken Mega Launcher continiously steer your spaceship from the most left to the most right and then reverse 

Veteran & Superstar Hero

Phase 1 & 2

Welcome death beam --> Grenades Strike (x2) --> Grenade Strike --> [Magnetic changes + Fire & Ice (x2)]  --> Rip in space (x3) --> Sun-bombs

Then repeat from the Grenade Strike.

Phase 3

Welcome death beam --> Grenades Strike (x5) --> Radar eons (x2)

Then repeat from the Grenades Strike (x5). Magnetic Changes aslo effect.

Final Encounter (chapter 24)

No actual pattern. Randomly do these attacks:


  • Welcome death beam (at the beginning of all phases)
  • Rip in space (x3)
  • Millitary Chickens Wobble
  • Random Instant Laser (x2)
  • Fire & Ice
  • Rip in space + Thunderbolts


  • Rookie Attacks
  • Radar eons + Chicks Wobble
  • Grenades Strike

Superstar Hero

  • Veteran attacks
  • Terminator Ordinary Chicken + "Jungle of eggs"
  • Terminator Metal Suit Chicken
  • Thunderbolts (x3)


  • For the first time ever, there is difference between different difficulty!