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    Mini Chapter

    February 1, 2015 by SpaceCrab1211

    Mini chapter is a game mechanic introduce in CI6: The Paradoxical Paradox. A mini chapter takes place between main chapters. It contains 10 levels or less. It is a chance for you to earn more points, food and key.

    There's 21 mini chapter in CI6 and they come in 6 "packs". Different packs require different requirement 

    Pack Key Number of completed mission Flight time Have to Number of mini chapters
    1 60 0 0+ Do nothing 3
    2 50 2 0+ Do nothing 5
    3 40 4 More than 12:00 Do nothing 2
    4 30 6 More than 18:00
    • Bought more than 10 unlockable
    5 20 8 More than 24:00
    • Spent 500 keys buying stuff.
    6 10 10 More than 24:01
    • Bought pack 1-5
    • Complete at least 2 Superstar hero mission

    Take place between chapter 5 & 6. It's a set of 5 asteroid waves. However, the differen…

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  • SpaceCrab1211

    "Chicken Mega Launcher" is the final and also the 6th,13th and 22nd boss in Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox (only in my imagination)

    The Chicken Mega Launcher have total 8 attacks (10 in Veteran and 12 in Superstar Hero)on 4 different encounter. On the first encounter it have 120,000 HP ,on the second encounter it have 240,000 HP, on the third encounter it have 360,000 HP and for the last battle it have 2,000,000 HP

    1. Welcome death beams: only take place at the beginning of every phase (like the Henterprise disk laser). They're come out from the turbo engines on the far left and far right .The beams itself is pretty easy to avoid.
    2. Sun-bombs: also come out from the turbo engines. Each release 3 suns, making a total of 6. Again, the su…

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