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    I don't have time to write a long post as for CI3, so to quickly improve our performance in multiplayer we should better distribute how we use our missiles. In solo play on Rookie missiles deal 10000 damage, but it is affected by difficulty, making it so that in 4 player co-op on SSH they only deal a sixth of that (1666). Simply put, a missile will deal that amount of damage to each enemy on the screen. If you only have one big enemy, then the effect is negligible, if there are 50 small enemies, the result is worth the expense.

    For now here's only the wave list, starting at Chapter 2. I mentioned the number of missiles that I think are effective at killing a significant number of enemies or will be needed to complete the wave. For some of t…

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  • Sophodot

    Chicken Invaders 3 waves

    February 27, 2016 by Sophodot

    Chicken Invaders 3 waves

    Wave types

    Threat level: Some waves can be passed with your eyes closed, while others require maximum concentration. This parameter shows the risk of getting killed in each wave.

    D0 = Negligible threat. If you are looking at the screen you will have no problem getting through these waves.

    D1 = Minor threat. Keep a normal alert level. Rarely, these waves can throw unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

    D2 = Significant threat. These waves are nasty. Be ready to dodge whatever is thrown at you.

    D3 = Major threat. The most likely to ruin your GCHoaT. These waves are a pain to get through alive.

    Chapter structure

    All the chapters (except Comet Chase and Meteor Storm) follow the same overall 10-wave structure.

    First wave in a chap…

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    Overcharged weapons

    April 12, 2015 by Sophodot

    aka the 13th power level, at 50, because few players deserve to wield such immense power, damage values are for Rookie

    Ion Blaster: Shoots 8 single green ions (reverts to it's original color in CI1) per click, spread out as it is usual for the weapon, damage: 400/ion, compared to 100 at 20 , fire rate unchanged, overheat unchanged; Special: Stun– enemies hit by this weapon are unable to launch any attack for one second after being hit (except bosses)

    Neutron Gun: neutrons become red (switches colors with Ion Blaster), 7 neutrons per shot, total damage: 3500/click, fire rate unchanged, overheat unchanged, Special: Radiation– enemies hit with this weapon continue to take lingering damage for one second after being hit

    Laser Cannon: shoots one …

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