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Chicken Invaders 6 Ideas

Share your CI6: TPP ideas here down in the comments below.

They can be new weapons, new game mechanics, new bosses, new chicken formations, new enemies, new unlockables, new cheats, and most importantly, new waves.

Fan-made images and videos (if you can make it) are allowed. I would like a try to create an image of a battleship capable of creating unpredictable black-holes. However, fanfics AREN'T allowed (it's where we submit ideas, not stories)!

P.S.: This isn't where Interactionstudios come here and peek at your ideas and then they change the story by adding stuff to it! If you want to suggest your ideas to Interactionstudios then e-mail them, but chances are they might not accept it though.

Fan-made Images

Note that don't try to link the image directly from your computer. You can see it, but we can't cause it links to our hard drive, and we don't have the file.

Red Bloony


BEHOLD! My fan-made boss! Try to guess it's name.


What should be the Space Background (fanmade). Taken from (

Have good editing skills and wanna share your fan-made stuff? Add them into the comments and I'll put it in here.

If you're a Wikia Contributer, then upload the picture to a picture-hosting site (like tinypic or imgur) and then post the image link in the comments, and I'll add it in.


Unupdated image of Chicken Wobble v5, v6 and v7. (CK-02 Event Horizon)

Also, I've added more fan-made images of my fan-made Event Horizon. Check it out here.



Design of "Chicken Mega Launcher"

SC1211 has made a new final boss for his idea of CI6. It's called the Chicken Mega Launcher, and there's an image above.


Benjamin Cooney or just Ben has made multiple images of possible cutscene ideas of CI6, featuring Hen Solo's home planet, the Egg Cannon's return and my mega-ship Event Horizon. Below is a gallery of his masterpieces:

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