As you've seen in my CI6 Chapter 1 to 6 Ideas blog, I've included a Health system, Status Effects, a Bubble Shield, a Flashlight and new enemies. New weapons, unlockables, medals and more haven't been mentioned in the former blog, but the latter gives some information about these. So this blog has the new stuff I've been thinking for CI6... let's go!

New Enemies!!!

Yay, it's time to make this game harder. The best thing you've ever heard of is the Status Effects mechanic which can both sides use against each other. That's why colored chickens come in. Like I said in my latter blog, I've posted a picture that includes all status effects, their pictures and the colors which the chickens wear in order to be resistant to. And there're also Striped Chickens. But, as you start reading the former blog all the way down to Wave 44, you can see there are "bloon" enemies. They are inflatable balloons that have a bio-lifeform and can contain chickens, other bloons or even Bloonboxes (see below).

Bloons spawn their descendants and they range from:

  • Ceramic
  • Rainbow
  • Zebra
  • Black & White
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red

Note that a bloon spawns 2 of it's children starting from Black & White. So a Pink releases 1 Yellow, but a Black releases 2 Pinks and a Ceramic releases 2 Rainbows (with an exception, Zebra releases 1 Black and 1 White, not 2 each). However, there are special bloons which includes:

  • "Super Ceramics" which takes more hits to crack open but spawns only 1 of it's child (only 1 Rainbow which spawns only 1 Zebra which spawns 1 White and so on)
  • "Lead Bloons" which are paradoxical bloons that can float despite it's heavy layer which allows it a 75% resistance to Physical attacks and it spawns 2 blacks upon death.
  • Blimps:
    • Massive Ornary Air Blimp: a large blimp holding 6 Ceramics (later on, 5 Super Ceramics) and takes a lot of hit to crack open. It's as hard as destroying a Level 6 Barrier.
    • Brutal Floating Behemoth: an oversized space-airship, but not as large as the one on Hen Solo's blueprint. Releases 6 MOABs (later, 5 MOABs) upon death. Note that this is the first bloon that can attack, firing green shots similar to Metal-suit Chickens but they deal 100 damage instead.
    • Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness: this heavy-duty secret project has been unleashed by the bloons as their celebration to their 1st anniversary of allying with the chickens. Now, they're sending it to rid Frank, Hen Solo and Jorgenson (new character!). This t..t..thing releases 6 BFBs (later, 5) upon death and has cryo missiles that releases thermal fragments upon explosion, setting fire ablaze. A collision with one of these missiles can mean 250 damage (the Hero only) and will "freeze" your companions (but not the Hero) if they come in touch.
    • Dark Dirigible Titan: a not-so-large resistant version of the MOAB, it's basically all of the bloons' immunities crammed into one. Weaker than a BFB, but faster than a Pink, this thing combines the abilities of a Black (immune to Fire), Pink (high speed) and Lead (immune to Physical) and is about 20x times faster than a ZOMG. So, one could say, this is the hardest blimp of all. Releases 8 Ceramics (later 6 Super Ceramics) upon death. It's special "mutated" boss version appears in Wave 60, which releases 9 Super Ceramics instead.

The health of all bloons increase per chapter, so that's why I won't list their health here. The blimp in Hen Solo's blueprint is the "LZ 131 Gigantically Constructed Soviet Chemical Zeppelin" which the Soviets lost their blueprint to Hen Solo's species. That zeppelin isn't considered an enemy and is piloted by an ally (Jorgenson) which helps the Hero in some chapters!

More enemies to come soon...

New Weapons

A new game means new weapon. CI4 and CI5 introduces 3 weapons than the previous game. But don't expect 16 weapons in this game. There's more. In this game, we don't add 3 weapons, but 7! 20 weapons seems good. ALL DAMAGE ARE ON ROOKIE! And now let's get on with...

Ice Chess

"The chickens play chess, so do we. And I mean they don't play like "normal", they throw them at us. And then we retaliate. This weapon fires broken pieces of oversized chess pieces like the head of a pawn. The more we upgrade, the more power we have to fire a large king-sized piece every round of fire."

At Firepower 0, it fires every 1.43 seconds if held continuously, so manual fire is better. At that firepower, only 1% of a pawn is fired, dealing 400 per piece. More pieces are fired at more firepowers. At Firepower 10, it fires about 5 rook pieces each 600 damage. Firepower 20, it fires 6 rooks, with a large king in the middle (1800), and at 40, the large king is replaced by a smaller queen but deals up to 2500.

Roaring Orchestra

"Anyone? Anyone confused? It's loud music. This weapon is a temporary high-damage sound launcher. Rigged to fire sounds more than 180dB, this can deafen a target miles away. Sadly, it's programmed to fire limited waves, and is restricted to 20-second use only."

This weapon is special, as it's the only weapon that stays temporarily. It can only be used for 20 seconds, and it deals 600 damage per wave at Firepower 5. At Firepower 10, it fires 2 waves (each 750), 20, it fires 3 waves, still the same damage and at the final Firepower (40), it fires 5 waves each dealing 1000. It can be collected normally and your weapon changes back to your old weapon after 20-second usage.

Homing Photons

"The power of high spread and high mobility has been brougth to life with the Homing Photons! Firing multitudes of little photon bullets firing at different phases, this thing is like a high-damage Photon Swarm Hypergun fusion. The exception is the chance of chemical and that Poison is replaced with Bleed."

The description nearly covers it all. It fires slowly at the start and starts going faster and fires more like how the Photon Swarm and Hypergun improves itself. The thing different is the high damage, capable of 100 damage per photon. Also, it can't fire DIRECTLY to the front, but spreads to the left and right. At Firepower 20, the photons turn from Red to Green (increasing damage) and 40, it can fire in all directions but down.


"Highly secret thermal weapon! Once you've got your hands on it, don't forget to have some heat-resistant armor, accidents CAN happen."

This weapon behaves like a flamethrower spewing flames (Fire/Thermal damage) that grows bigger and bigger and also increases in damage output when Firepower increases. "Max Power" (20) spews 3 flames, each dealing 330 per second, and Heavy Max Power (40) now deals 450 per second (the flames also turn blue).


"Originally called Shredder, this is one of the highly secretive experiments stolen from Area 52 from the populated planet Splodertopia located in the Andromeda. This thing launches sharp blades capable of a hundred percent cutting edge and deals heavy damage to MOAB-class bloons."

Fires bouncing razor discs bouncing across the screen 3 times until they hit their targets. Any target hit will be cut and will bleed/cut (including non-living), losing HP over time similar to the Heartburner and Cyanide Stripper. At FP40 (from now on, Firepower is referred as FP), it fires 3 discs that now bounces off of targets.



All the weapons, their effects and score rewarded upon collection

"An alien artifact that is mass-produced for a star-system war, one of these Cyanide Strippers has gotten lost in space and now the chickens contain the presents needed to acquire them. This is illegalized in over 9 galaxies, including the Star Wars galaxy, for 2 deadly status effects."

The Stripper is a weapon spewing dangerous fumes near the ship that dissipate within an area, making this fume covering only a small area. However, this isn't the only projectile. Deadly shots of radioactive materials are fired every multiple seconds and as FP increases, the fume grows and the weapon shoots faster. The high-speed materials deal Chemical/Irradiate DoT and the fume deals Poison/Toxic, a similar DoT effect.


"All we know about the CM Gigavolt 6.3.1 is that it's manufactured in the planet Aartis. Any other information is classified and we can't retrieve it."

Weapon that shocks target and deal Energy damage. The Gigavolt can hit multiple enemies just by an electrical shot colliding with a chicken. The description doesn't reveal much about the weapon, similar to the Utensil Poker and Heartburner. At FP40, it has a 100% chance to arc to targets and can arc to 10, while at 0, it can't shock at all. This is the last of the new weapons, which has electricity arcing around it's present box.

New Weapon Power Level

Above, you can see FP40, "Max Power", Heavy Max Power, and in another blog, you can see people debating about a 13th weapon level. I've covered all about Firepower 40 of all the new weapons, but let's talk about the remaining 13.

Ion Blaster

Fires green shots that home on to targets. Quantity of shots per click is 8 double-packed ions. Each double-packed ions deal about 250 on Rookie.

Neutron Gun

Upgrading nuclear weapons allow them to inflict a higher damage, up to 600 per shot. Each shot has a higher blast radius, inflicting Chemical damage, not just to 1 target, but to multiple of them.

Laser Cannon

The revolutionized Laser Cannon changes the ship's design at Firepower 40. The ship looks more like Hen Solo, and it fires exactly 1 laser to the sides and bottom. That laser doesn't deal 400 damage like the ones on FP20 (Rookie damage), but have been boosted to deal 500 and burn targets for 3 seconds.

Vulcan Chaingun

Low-damage gone high-tech. Each shot deals a 60% chance of Bleed, and cuts for 4 seconds. Ouch! Also, they don't deal 120 damage on Rookie, but now that deal 400. Tougher than a Utensil Poker ordinary fork!

Lightning Fryer

Simple, just adds an extra beam. Quad-beam of extra toasty temperature!

Plasma Rifle

The beam now fires other beams that protrude from the main beam. The smaller beams hit their targets and more smaller beams protrude from them. Kinda like a real-life lightning, the main line is like the main beam, and all the other lines are like the smaller beams that protrude from each other. If you still can't understand, do not fret, picture is on the way!

New Unlockables

The unlockables keep returning, since CI3 to CI6. And every game, there are new ones. In CI6, all the unlockables from CI5 return, along with Clupea Harengus from CI3 and Leotard Suits from CI4. But the brand new unlockables will be introduced here!

Bubble Shield

Cost: 10 keys

Shield yourselves from certain attacks, but restricts movement. B key


Cost: 10 keys

In dark situations, a flashlight is needed to shine and illuminate hidden objects. N key


Cost: 20 keys

Ordinary chickens now wear hats.

Enemy Stats Indicator

Cost: 50 keys

Show enemy stats (that is currently being targeted) at bottom-left, above the stats panel

Extra Health

Cost: 75 keys

25% extra health

Extra Armor

Cost: 100 keys

25% damage reduction

Scoring 5

Cost: 100 keys

All DoTs deal less damage. Scoring +10%

Cryo Sprayer

Cost: 125 keys

Adds a new satellite into the collection, the Cryo Sprayer.

The Cryo Sprayer can be used for 16 seconds continuously, it's ability is to fire cold air, freezing chickens or enemies, including blue ones, preventing movement, making it easier to hit or dodge. Deals 50 damage per second on Rookie.

Health Regen (5 total)

Cost: 150, 175, 225, 300, 400 keys (total 1250 keys)

Regenerates 1, 2, 3, 4, 5% of health per second (total 15%)

Extra Slot 5

Cost: 175 keys

Add an extra satellite dock (top side). That satellite will have a 10% damage boost.

Heavy Nukes

Cost: 200 keys

Heavy nukes explode in less than a split-second and deals extra massive damage.

Powerful Weapons

Cost: 300 keys

Unlock access to the Heartburn, Shredr, Stripper and Gigavolt.

High Roller

Cost: 750 keys

Rare custom paintjob. All "Bloonboxes" increased one step. (Red Iron -> Furium etc...)

Irradiated Superhero

Cost: 1500 KEYS!

Extremely rare custom paintjob. All weapons has a +14% chance to chemically irradiate enemies.

More to come, to be updated!


Coming soon...

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