Hey, hey, hey! Here's the 2nd part!

Chapter 7: The Hyper Engineering Robot

The Hero and Hen Solo part ways temporarily after a tough decision. Hen Solo goes to Betelgeuse, while Frank makes a course for potentially habitable planet Kepler 186-f to find the robot within it's maze home that is one of it's creations. Hen Solo DOES NOT help Frank in this chapter!

Wave 61: Explosive Ordinance

Multiple bloons (for more information, go to New Stuff!) and bombs rain down from the screen. Bloons range from Black, White, Lead to Rainbows. Black have a chance to contain Chick UFOs and Zebras, Green-Pink Metal-suited Chickens.

Wave 62: The Spectrum

A group of Metal-suited Chickens with colorful and random colors fly across the screen. This can last up to 18 seconds. Every 3 seconds, a Level 5 Barrier (the ones in Wave 65: Satellite Fly-by, CI5) appear from the top and move downwards at a fast rate (can leave the screen in 2.4 seconds).

Wave 63: Revenge of the Drones

Subtext: ...or droids?

The Egg Drones from CI3 return! They come from the top, bear with me, I hate them too! They act like they were in CI3, with a damage of 60 HP, a Burn damage for 2 seconds, and bypasses the Bubble Shield (70%, so they deal 42 HP).

Wave 64: Another Enemy

A Massive Ornary Air Blimp appears from the top. It then takes a random path, moving crazily and "wobbly" sorta like a blind man. You can chose to leak it or kill it. Unlike the Bloons Tower Defense series, leaking bloons doesn't have any side effects, it's the same as letting a different enemy (like an Infant Chick) escape.

Wave 65: Air Turbulence

A Danger Zone is marked as an oval that spans from top to bottom at the middle region of the screen. An Alien Container then falls (as if affected by gravity), exploding itself, and revealing a Cryo Sprayer (a new satellite). You still get it even if you haven't unlocked it yet.

Wave 66: Asteroids?

Subtext: But I thought this is an asteroid-free region.

As they return mysteriously from Wave 7 and 38, this wave pretty much acts like Wave 7, but instead of a 12x2 rectangle of Infant Chicks, there will be a plethora of chickens, 85 to be exact, forming a 17x5 rectangle. Asteroids appear every split-second, and they have 999,999 health and move quickly, so don't bother trying to destroy them as they are also resistant to missiles. That being said, they are fast, impossible-to-destroy obstacles.

Wave 67: Struggle

2 Chickenauts appear from the bottom corners from the screen moving towards the top, with a purple electrical line connecting them. The Hero is being pushed downwards by some unknown force, but the higher they go, the stronger the force is pushing them. Keep moving your ship up (hence the wave name) until the electrical line turns from purple to green. What do you do? Simple! Bubble Shield, B key, remember? You can't survive it when it's purple however. Then just wait out until they go away, but if you want some points, kill them!

Wave 68: What?

Subtext: Believe me, I'm as confused as you!

Dark fog gets blown towards the bottom. This wave requires you to do nothing, similar to one of the waves in CI3 and Wave 54 in the previouis blog.

Wave 69: Horseshoe

You soon realize that the fog heavily, but not completely, darkens your view of the ship and the chickens. Many chickens form a horseshoe shape, with their suits ranging from blue to purple. Another wave that requires the Flashlight. After the wave, the fog horde is over.

Wave 70: Blower Madness

Subtext: So that explains the last 4 waves...

Hero's message: "Weird mecha... wow!"

A large literal air ship (a spaceship that blows air at a supersonic rate) shows up from the top, bearing resemblance to this  (instead of pink lights, there are blue ones). It has a passive attack, it pulls your ship down just like in Wave 67. It fires waves that also can push you down but also damage you. Every minute, ready or not, prepare for a spiral bullet hell. Nasty! These bullets are notable for homing on you and only getting their initial damages halved when the Bubble Shield is on. They deal 2 damage, but since there are over a 100 of them, I suggest getting hit by some instead of letting all 100 home into your shield. Blue chickens spawn in and out at random intervals. The Ship has 180,000 HP (Henterprise's 2nd encounter). Once destroyed, you can see a female chicken in a wizard-like outfit fleeing to the top. You can't kill her anyway, it's just for aesthetic purposes.


  • Yes, I'm back.
  • This might as well be the first idea to feature a female chicken, also she is a pilot making us laugh for her funny escape.