Guys amma show something about new guns hope u guys like it

Plasma Gun

this gun is just like Ion Blaster but its blue colored and moves faster

it deals 200 dmg per projectile and 350 once maxed out (even at power 10)

it overheats just like Ion Blaster

Once maxed out, it shoots double projectiles in 3 lanes in spread fire mode

Once at power 20 it will shoot in 5 lanes instead of 3

Quamtum Launcher

this gun shoots a bubble like shot with a small ring at the center

it deals 300 dmg and 550 dmg once maxed out

overheats just like Neutron Gun

once at power 10 it shoots in 3 lanes in a slight spread-fire mode

once at power 20 it will shoot at 5 lanes instead of 3


deals good dmg

unlike Neutron Gun this gun is just like the Neutron gun in CI2 which when goes further it spreadsout


this bullet moves abitslower than Neutrun gun so u have to be trained in using this gun

may not be good for killing fast chickens

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