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    [Please note that this is a fanmade idea.]

    CH-05 Orbital Destroyer is a Death Star a like battlestation and it's the final boss in Chicken Invaders 6:The Paradoxical Paradox.It is the Chicken's master plan to destroy the Earth by disableing it's Elecro-Magnetic force and pushing it into the sun.It's main weapon (The Electro-magnetic Impulse) is recycled from the Yolk Star.It has 4 encounters in total.It has the ability to travel km a light year and it's capable of creating a orbital disorient.

    The Orbital Destroyer has 18-19 attacks in total.

    1.Blue Magnetic Ion

    It's like Henterprise's Blue Ion shots only moves faster.

    2.Chicken Strike 1

    It's basicly a ordinary chicken strike where pilot chickens spawn out from random spots.

    3.The E…

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