THIS IS REAL! I actually got chosen! I am so lucky! Here is what the email said. (Sadly, it was just an email informaing me i am chosen, but the instructions for the game is said to be sent in a seperate message later on.)

Hello and welcome to the Chicken Invaders 5 (CI5) beta team!

You are receiving this e-mail because you signed up to participate in the CI5 beta on InterAction studios' website ( ). Congratulations for being part of the team, and thanks for offering to help us make CI5 a better game! Instructions about downloading the game will be sent separately very soon. For now, read carefully through this e-mail as it contains some useful information.


Please use this e-mail address ( or just reply to this e-mail) for any correspondence.


The most important part of your role in the beta group is simply telling us what you think.

This time around, we've made the commenting process much simpler and easier. While you're playing, you can press C at any time to type and us a comment. It can be anything you want –- it doesn't matter!

Along with your comment, we'll receive a snapshot of what you see on your screen at the time, so if you want to make a comment about a particular wave (for example, "this wave is too hard"), make sure you press C when you're playing that wave. If you are commenting on a different wave, please mention its wave number or title so we know what you are talking out.

You can also use comments for suggestions and improvements. If you could make any change you wanted, what would it be? One of the main issues to consider here is difficulty. Try to be specific about any difficulty problems you're having. Is it the controls? The enemies? The weapons? As you learn the game you'll continuously improve, but we're particularly interested in hearing about your first reactions as a new player.

When you exit the game you'll also anonymously upload your game data to us. This data contains statistical information that will help us understand more about how the game plays out (for example, how many times you died, on which waves, how many keys/legs/power-ups you collected, etc.). Please take a couple of seconds to upload your data (it's all automatic). This step is vital so we can isolate the most difficult waves and balance them out, providing a more enjoyable experience.


If the game crashes, please restart it. You will be given the option of submitting an error report automatically. This is the preferred way of submitting error information. In some cases of serious crashes, the game won't be even able to generate an error report. In these cases, please e-mail us directly.

That's it for now. The game will be sent to you very shortly!

InterAction studios