In this blog, I will write Chapter 2 Waves 11-20 of Chicken Invaders 6: The Pardoxical Paradox:

Chapter 2: Traces of the CK-02 Event Horizon

Once the Hero makes it through Chapter 1, he notices traces of the CK-02 Event Horizon. Hen Solo warns the Hero that the Egg Cannon was rebuilt, but from a really far dimension, therefore it would need to find its way to the Solar System and destroy it. He also warns the Hero that the Event Horizon might be going to Hen Solo's galaxy, and that they would need to know more details and that Madam Madamme would help them, again. 

Wave 11: Pilots and Helmets

I think you know what this means. 9 Green Pilot Chickens form in 4 horizontal lines (36 total) and their attack is a double-egg.

Wave 12: Bubbles

An Interdimensional Portal (from CI5) appears in the center, and spawns 4 horizontal lines of 5 enemies in both sides (20 total). First Infant Chicks, then Chicks, after that Blue and Yellow Chickens, and finally Blue and Yellow Pilot Chickens. 10 of the enemies will be in bubbles, 10 will not.

Wave 13: Strongest and Weakest Invasion

Your spaceship will rotate left in order to attack the enemies. There are 4 horizontal lines of 8 Infant Chicks each, and 4 horizontal lines of 8 Black coloured Pilot Chickens, all in eggs. The pattern of lines from most left to most right is: Infant Chicks Line 1, Pilot Chickens Line 1, Infant Chicks Line 2, Pilot Chickens Line 2, Infant Chicks Line 3, Pilot Chickens Line 3, Infant Chicks Line 4, and Pilot Chickens Line 4.

Wave 14: Metal Suits

Subtext: Really, Metal!

9 Purple Metal-Suited Chickens form in 4 horizontal lines (36 total) and their attack is a purple laser, but can't go up, left, or right.

Wave 15: Satellite Fly-By 

1 Alien Container appears with 12 Level 4 Barriers in columns with 9 Infant Chicks between each column (like Wave 25 CI5). In total, there are 27 Infant Chicks.

Wave 16: Circle by Circle

For the first 15 seconds, 25 Magneta Metal-Suited Chickens come from the left horizontally, and 20 Magneta Pilot Chickens come from the right horizontally, making a circle in the middle. The Metal-Suited Chickens will be in the outer part, while the Pilot Chickens will be in the inner part. The screen will zoom out as much as it did in Dazzling Coordination from Wave 103 of CI4.

Wave 17: Aliens

9 Aliens form in 4 horizontal lines (36 total) their attack is a long, blue laser beam downwards.

Wave 18: Enemy Invasion

There will be 5 horizontal lines of enemies, 9 each. The pattern of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th line coming from the left is: Infant Chick, Chick, Purple Chicken, Alien, Level 1 Barrier, Purple Pilot Chicken, Level 2 Barrier, Metal-Suited Chicken, Egg. The 2nd line coming from the right is all Level 1 Barriers, and the 4th line coming from the right is all Level 2 Barriers. The 1st line is the highest and farthest from the player, while the 5th line is lowest and closest to the player.

Wave 19: Asteroids

'Hero-'So, we meet again, huh?''

A total of 60 Asteroids from CI1, CI2, and CI3 come back again, but this time, in 4 sizes. All of the asteroids in this level and later on will come from the right diagonally (like CI1).

Wave 20: Super Chicken

The Super Chicken reappears from CI4, and it contains all of its attacks that it had from CI4 on Wave 10 and 110. The screen will zoom out as much as it did in Chicken Multiplicity to contain all the action. Requires the 5th power level or higher and will drop 35 foods and a weapon when killed.

Tell me in the comments below what would be the cutscenes be after Chapter 2 and what should be the name of Chapter 3 and its boss battle. Thanks and stay tuned!