In this blog, I will write suggestions of new enemies that should come in Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

1- Infant Chick and U.F.O Infant Chick

This idea came from Red Bloony. Infant Chicks are the 3rd generation from the Chickens. Infant Chicks are 3 times smaller than Chicks and have red rosy cheeks. They're also nimble and quick but can't sustain against most weapons for long. Infant Chicks drop the same food and have the same attack as Chicks, but do it twice as rarely. They also pilot U.F.Os at certain levels that shoot a chickwaste downwards, exactly like Chicks, however, they're more powerful than Chicks and Infant Chicks themselves.

2- Alien

Ok, well, this isn't a new type of Aliens. Remember the ones from CI4 and CI5? Yeah, for this game, they will be shown both in their own original appearances and them piloting U.F.Os. An Alien is a thin, tall enemy (a very little bit shorter than a Chickenaut) that shoot 3 green projectiles down (one downwards, one left, and one right, kind of a mix between a U.F.O Chick and Chicken). It is 1.2 times stronger than a Chicken and shoots as frequent as a Pilot Chicken.

3-  Sweater Chick

Remember the Sweater Chicken from CI3? Well, in this game, there will be Sweater enemies. This is one of them and the weakest one from the Sweater enemy family. Sweater Chicks shoot 2 chickwastes that go the same direction as the U.F.O Chicks (although a little bit wider), but the left chickwaste rotates clockwise and the right chickwaste rotates counter-clockwise while falling at the same time. It wears  a certain amount of clothes for the first 2-3 chapters, then wears one more piece of clothing for the next 2-3 chapters, and so on.

4- Sweater Chicken

These enemies shoot 1 egg down, right, left, and up. It wears more clothes than Sweater Chicks because of size.

5- Sweater Pilot Chicken

Sweater Pilot Chickens shoot 8 eggs that make a circle around you/your spaceship, and you're stuck their for 5 seconds. Their glasses will be able to be shot of, which means its counted as the clothes.

6- Sweater Metal-Suited Chicken

These tough chickens shoot 16 purple ion shots (8 on the left side and 8 on the right), but they'll shoot from their wings to their feet, up to down.

7-  Robotic Chick

Robotic Chicks are the weakest enemies in the Robotic family. Robotic Chicks shoot 1 chickwaste down, then splits into halves, and quarters.

8- Robotic Chicken

Robotic Chickens shoot 3 long, blue lasers - 2 up (one going top-left and one going top-right, above its head) and one downwards. Instead of its seed-looking thing on its head, it has 2 lines, showing the way it'll attack its lasers.

9- Robotic Pilot Chicken

They shoot 1 small, blue laser, but can follow you wherever you go for 5 seconds. Remember the Robotic Chicken's 2 lines? It'll be replaced with 2 dangerous arrows. It won't shoot 2 lasers out of it, but will kill you when made in contact and won't damage/kill the Robotic Pliot Chicken.

10- Robotic Metal-Suited Chicken

The toughest enemy to beat in the Robotic family. It shoots 1 small, blue laser, but can follow you wherever you go for 6 seconds. It will also shoot 2 long, blue lasers (a mix between a Robotic Pliot Chicken and Robotic Chicken. Tough one, right?) and has 2 dangerous arrows above its head.

11- Chicken Gatling Gun

Exact same health as the Chick Gatling Gun, only controlled by a Chicken. It shoots 8 eggs around itself that make a rectangle, then keeps spreading and spreading.

12- Chick Metal Ship

Exact same health as the Chicken Metal Ship, only controlled by a Chick. Remember the Utensil Poker at its weakest power level? It'll be exactly like that (1 blue laser from its head, 1 blue laser going left from its head, and 1 blue laser going right from its head, but at different times. The earliest to latest that will be shot is from what I said first to last. The amount of space between each laser to be shot is 0.75 seconds).

13- The Hen

This idea came from EmeraldPlay. The Hen is a bit smaller than your typical Big Chicken. It fires eggs downwards that contains Infant Chicks inside it.

14- Big Chicken

The strongest and biggest enemy in the game. It shoots many eggs downwards, and, in average, can shoot 14 eggs in 9 seconds.

15- Asteroid

This enemy reappears from CI1, CI2, and CI3 in the game, but this time it comes in 4 sizes: Mini, Small, Medium, and Big Asteroids. They are usually coming diagonally from the top-right (like CI1), but they don't have their own waves.

16- Comet

Remember Comets from CI3? In this game, they will reappear with the same form, but they are gonna come from the bottom of the screen, like CI3. They just appear in certain waves and don't have their own.

17- Supernova

Remember Supernova from CI4? They will also reappear in this game but will not appear in their own waves, and to kill one complete Supernova, you must break the smaller parts of the Supernova that come out of it. They also come from the right side of the screen.

18- Droid and Security Droid

Remember Droids and Security Droids from CI4, in Chapter 10: Security Droid Headquarters? And during the last cutscene of the whole game, they were heading to the Hero's way? Well, I'd like to make that scene an important one. Anyway, Droids are the only non-attacking enemy in the whole game and they always come in pairs while holding food in bubbles between them. They also move horizontally or vertically across the whole screen, but never diagonally. Security Droids don't come in pairs, unlike Droids, and move horizontally or vertically, stop, target your location, and shoot a small, blue laser.

19- Mini Robot

Just because you saw Robotic Chickens, doesn't mean you wouldn't see Robots themselves, right? Mini Robots are the weakest enemy in the Robotic family (there are 2 types of Robotic families: one family with the Robotic Chicken family like the ones before, and the second one which is this one about the real robots themselves which I'll be mentioning right now). Mini Robots are as tall as a Pilot Chicken without its head and have a stunning attack: to shoot 10 blue lasers randomly, but won't shoot them all at the same time.

20- Robot

Robots are as tall as a Chickenaut without its head and are 0.9 times stronger than a Chickenaut. It shoots 10 pairs of blue lasers randomly (totalling 20), but won't shoot them all at the same time.

21- Robonaut

These are Robots with a space suit that are a little bigger than normal Robots (by a little bigger I mean as big as The Hen without it's head. It's also 0.95 times stronger than The Hen). It shoots 1 laser that rotates (like Space Crab v2.0).

22- Egg Ships

Remember Egg Ships from CI3? They look like rocketships that shoot 4 eggs at a time while flying the same way (like CI3, in its 2nd and 3rd appearance).

23- Egg Drones

Remember Egg Drones from CI3? They shoot a green laser after you hear the beep, so watch out. They come from the bottom of the screen and 15 or 15 pairs of them (totalling 30) will appear on certain waves.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, so thank you all so much! I hope you like my ideas! If you would like your ideas to appear on this blog, write a comment of your new enemy below or send me a message of your new enemy on my Message Wall and I'll edit the blog and send your idea to InterAction!