aka Chicken's Worst Nightmare.

  • I live in Unknown Galaxy.
  • I was born on January 3
  • My occupation is Being a chicken killer.
  • I am Unspecified.
  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write suggestions of new enemies that should come in Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

    1- Infant Chick and U.F.O Infant Chick

    This idea came from Red Bloony. Infant Chicks are the 3rd generation from the Chickens. Infant Chicks are 3 times smaller than Chicks and have red rosy cheeks. They're also nimble and quick but can't sustain against most weapons for long. Infant Chicks drop the same food and have the same attack as Chicks, but do it twice as rarely. They also pilot U.F.Os at certain levels that shoot a chickwaste downwards, exactly like Chicks, however, they're more powerful than Chicks and Infant Chicks themselves.

    2- Alien

    Ok, well, this isn't a new type of Aliens. Remember the ones from CI4 and CI5? Ye…

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write polls and questions of ideas for What's The Best Idea? for Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

    If you want your votes to keep from disappearing, just write your answers in the comments. If you would like to make your own idea appear here, then write a comment down for your idea and I will re-edit the blog for your idea to appear on this blog.

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write Chapter 2 Waves 11-20 of Chicken Invaders 6: The Pardoxical Paradox:

    Chapter 2: Traces of the CK-02 Event Horizon

    Once the Hero makes it through Chapter 1, he notices traces of the CK-02 Event Horizon. Hen Solo warns the Hero that the Egg Cannon was rebuilt, but from a really far dimension, therefore it would need to find its way to the Solar System and destroy it. He also warns the Hero that the Event Horizon might be going to Hen Solo's galaxy, and that they would need to know more details and that Madam Madamme would help them, again. 

    Wave 11: Pilots and Helmets

    I think you know what this means. 9 Green Pilot Chickens form in 4 horizontal lines (36 total) and their attack is a double-egg.

    Wave 12: Bubbles

    An Interd…

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write Chapter 1 Waves 1-10 of Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

    Chapter 1: A Beggining of a Final Journey

    As normal, when our Hero orders, a distraction appears, but this is NOWHERE good. While the Hero is ordering his well-deserved meal, the CK-02 Event Horizon activates its laser and SHOOTS the Space Burger Restaurant, killing all the staff. When the Hero notices the CK-02 Event Horizon behind it, it retreats and releases Chickens, Chicks, and Infant Chicks.

    Wave 1: The Third Generation

    Hero-''Oh, come on!''

    The third generation means a new enemy appears; Infant Chicks. There are 4 horizontal lines of 9 Infant Chicks each line (36 total), and Infant Chicks produce a chickwaste, exactly like Chicks, but attack t…

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    I had created a Chicken Invaders wiki account today, and I had lots of fun! I met lots of nice administrators and users, and they even let me create my own page! How cool is that?! I'll be honest and tell a little secret: This isn't the first day ever on this wiki; this is the first day on this wikia WITH AN ACCOUNT. That's right, I have used this before. I knew this wiki between November 22, 2014, and November 30, 2014, which means I knew about it just right after a few days after Chicken Invaders 5's release. I usually watched the videos ad explored this wiki, but I never did this WITH AN ACCOUNT. Me and the main admin and contributor of this wikepedia, EmeraldPlay, helped each other and made a Chicken Invaders article about Chicken Inva…

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