This is the story how I become an Admin and Bureacruat on Wiki! First, I made an Adoption Request at Then staff told me that there is active Bureacruat on this Wiki and that I should ask EmeraldPlay directly for the rights. I replied that I know that EmeraldPlay will be angry so I was scared to ask him for the rights. Few days later, EmeraldPlay and I, we were searching for Wikia Activity Monitor (WAM) on Google. We found it, then EmeraldPlay entered and recent activity. Then he found there my Adoption Request and written me in the chat what is that? I fast exit the chat and wrote on EmeraldPlay's User Page: Sorry! And I wrote "How did you find the Adoption Request?" Then EmeraldPlay replied that he got to and recent activity, and to I come back to chat to he tell me something about my Adoption Request. He said that his Response maybe make me hapier and I have seen his response. This is his response. Hello there, I'm admin of that wiki in adoption. I'm decided to give Admin and Bureaucrat rights to CI5 BETA Tester because he's trusted user for me at the Wiki and I wanted to give him that powers. He added me to his site and even wiki. Instruction will be given to him tommorow. Then he said me rules in the chat and I become an Admin!! So this is the story about my Admin and Bureacruat rights!