Unlockables are a game mechanic first introduced in Revenge of the Yolk. They are additional features which first have to be unlocked (in Revenge of the Yolk by finishing the game and in Ultimate Omelette onwards by paying with Keys) that can either make the game easier, harder, or only provide a cosmetic change.

Revenge of the Yolk


The Unlockables menu in Revenge of the Yolk.

In this game to unlock new unlockables, you need to complete a mission without using Cheats. After that the unlockables are unlocked depending on the Difficulty:

  • Rookie - unlocks only 1 unlockable from its unique unlockables. After unlocking its 3 unlockables, you will be no longer able to get more in this difficulty.
  • Veteran - unlocks two unlockables - one from its pool and another from Rookie's pool. If all Rookie unlockables have been unlocked, it will unlock one more unlockable from its own pool. After unlocking every unlockable but the one unique to Superstar Hero, you will be no longer able to get more in this difficulty.
  • Superstar Hero - unlocks three unlockables - one from its pool, one from Veteran's pool and one from Rookie's pool. Once this difficulty's pool is depleted (and it can easily happen since it has only one), it will take unlockables from Veteran's pool. Once that is depleted too, it will pull from Rookie's pool. This is where all of the unlockables can be unlocked, and after that's done, you can no longer unlock more.


Each difficulty has its own pool of unlocks to pull from. They're always pulled from in the order listed.

  1. Secret Weapon
  2. Super Secret Mine Bombs
  3. Damage Indicator
  1. Superstar Hero
  2. Progress Indicator
  3. Points Indicator
Superstar Hero
  1. Clupea Harengus

Ultimate Omelette and Cluck of the Dark Side


Unlockables menu in Cluck of the Dark Side.


Unlockables menu in Ultimate Omelette.

In those games, unlockables have to be unlocked by first collecting a specific amount of Keys and spending them in the Unlockables menu. They can be unlocked in any order you want.

List of Unlocks

Note: This page will only list the unlockables, and not explain them. If you want to know more about them, click on those games' pages on unlockables - Revenge of the Yolk, Ultimate Omelette, Cluck of the Dark Side. What will be also listed here are the appearances of each unlockable.

In total, there are 38 different Unlockables in the games.


Weapon related unlocks add new weapons (usually from Revenge of the Yolk, change existing ones or change up the present pool. There are 5 such unlockables.


Satellite related unlocks add docks for you to be able to hold more satellites and change the satellite pool. There are 5 such unlockables.

  • Satellites Rush - CI4
  • Extra Dock (Aft Port Side) - CI4, CI5
  • Extra Dock (Aft Starboard Side) - CI4, CI5
  • Extra Dock (Outer Port Side) - CI4, CI5
  • Extra Dock (Outer Starboard Side) - CI4, CI5


UI related unlocks add stuff to the UI, such as progress bars or indicators. There are 4 such unlockables.

  • Damage Indicator - CI3, CI4, CI5
  • Progress Indicator - CI3, CI4, CI5
  • Points Indicator - CI3, CI4, CI5
  • Destruction Meter - CI4, CI5


Difficulty related unlocks add new difficulties or change the rules of the game. There are 5 such unlockables.

  • Superstar Hero - CI3, CI4, CI5
  • Scoring (Start with 1 Life) - CI5
  • Scoring (No Extra Lifes) - CI5
  • Scoring (More Food for Missiles) - CI5
  • Scoring (Limited Powerups) - CI5


Cosmetic unlocks only change stuff visually, without any other effect, positive or negative. Cosmetic unlocks from one game never make it to the ones following it. There are 7 such unlockables.

  • Clupea Harengus (Red) - CI3
  • Leotards - CI4
  • Underwear - CI5
  • CI1 Space Background - CI5
  • CI2 Space Background - CI5
  • CI3 Space Background - CI5
  • CI4 Space Background - CI5


Spaceship unlocks add more options to customizing your spaceship, or directly change the look of it. There are 9 such unlockables.

  • Orange Engine - CI4
  • Blue Engine - CI4
  • Green Engine - CI4
  • Millenium Hatchling - CI4
  • Fuselage - CI5
  • Weapon Pods - CI5
  • Tail Wing - CI5
  • Intensity - CI5
  • Shininess - CI5

Special Paintjobs

Special Paintjobs add various benefits when used. Only one can be used at a time. There are 3 such unlockables.

  • Gold Digger
  • White Knight
  • Space Ninja