• 2017 is now over!

    As expected, the activity on the wiki this year has been stagnating and overall performed worse than last year. If you want to learn more about just what has been done this year, check out this blog post.

    InterAction studios has been oddly silent this year, having only released 3 news updates, reset the Chicken Invaders leaderboards and made small updates to fix bugs in certain games.

    Why were they so silent? Well, because of Chicken Invaders 6 of course! To recap, we currently know that this game is going to be an open beta similarily to the christmas edition of Cluck of the Dark Side, that the game will be kept being updated after the full release is out adding completely new content based on user feedback, and that this game is going to be out within summer of this year. They should soon release an announcement regarding all of the stuff they're planning for Chicken Invaders 6, so we will have to keep waiting for it.

    Happy New Year to all of you! - Chicken Invaders Wikia Staff

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    • Happy new year,hoping this year will be much better.

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