The Yolk-Star™
The finished Yolk-Star™


CI3's Final Boss



Built by



(unknown, presumably Chicken's homeplanet)

First Appearance

Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk

The Yolk-Star™ is the final boss in Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk. It is the third attempt of the chickens to take over Earth.

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First phase

Yolk-Star™ appears as a giant egg. It is located at the top of the screen. It attacks with 4 instant lasers, which move randomly on screen and shoot down. Once the damage gauge fills up, it'll drop weapons and weapon upgrades. That also causes terminator chickens to appear. After doing this 4 times, the Yolk-Star™s shell explodes.

Second phase

When you destroy the Yolk-Star™'s shell, the Yolk reveals from it. It's only attack is trying to move to you and destroy you. The Yolk is more red and it's egg white becomes smaller the more damaged it is.. After it get defeated, the Yolk blows up as a fried egg in the screen.

Christmas Edition

It doesn't change the Yolk-Star™.

Easter Edition

The Yolk-Star™'s shell has rainbow colors here.


  • The Yolk-Star™ can drop the Utensil Poker even if you haven't unlocked it yet, which isn't a bug.
  • It parodies the Death Star from the Star Wars franchise.
  • By extrapolating its size and comparing it to other bosses, we can find out that the Yolk-Star™ is roughly as big as Earth, and the same size as the eggs The Egg Cannon shoots.