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Space Burger Corp. is an corporation of food restaurants in the series.


Since many years, the company existed and sold food to it's customers. As of the unknown amount of time before first chicken invasion happened, it became the Hero's favorite place to order food, mainly because it's restaurants are always close, and because they serve chicken food which is his favorite. In Chapter 10 of Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette, he came through the portal to it's headquarters. He and the Narrator planned to go after Space Burger Droids that convey food to different galaxies, while in the way accidentallydestroying both the conveys and the droids. Sometime after, Ranger bots came in, and tried to stop him, to no avail. As the last resort of trying to kill him off because of the destroyed conveys, they used Iron Chef. It was easily beaten, and the Hero came back to Milky Way. In the ending of CI4, Ranger bots found him and tried again to kill him, but they were beaten in time after CI4 and before CI5. In ending of Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side, they refused to super-size "World Savior" special for the Hero, because of what he has caused to the corporation.


These following facts were found by the Hero on a Hypernet ad (their internet). As of CI4:

  • They have over 7 billion stores in 1100 galaxies
  • There is always a store in less than 10 parsecs away from you
  • Serve over 12 trillion burgers everyday
    • An burger gets selled usually per 7,2 nanoseconds! (nanosecond = a billionth of a second)
    • 1,715 per store
      • That's one per 50 seconds in a store!
    • Around 11 billion per galaxy
      • That's one per 792 microseconds! (microsecond = a millionth of a second)


This is the list of what you could order at one of their stores.

Chicken Meat

  • Legs
  • Roasts
  • Bucket of Wings
    • Can be family-sized
  • With salad and mayonaise
  • Pie


  • Normal
  • Chicken
  • Chicken with cheese and pickles
  • Cheese
  • TLC (Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese)


  • World Saviour
    • Contains:
      • Beef
      • Fries
      • Apple Pie
      • A drink

And many more!


  • While the Hero ordered World Saviour special, he replaced everything in it with chicken-related meal.
  • Space Burger Corp. attacked the Hero for unknown reasons. It might be possible that was because of him destroying their convoys of food and their robots.
  • The corporation's headquarters are in another galaxy, but they have stores in the Milky Way.
  • They're operating with lot's of robots (Droid, Ranger, Iron Chef), so they possibly have technology that is far more advanced than Earth's.
  • Meat they sell isn't only from chickens, as evidenced by the "World Saviour" special having beef as one of it's features.


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