The Riddler is a rapid-firing weapon introduced in Cluck of The Dark Side. It fires small powered metallic bullets (which according to the readme file, it accelerates at near the speed of light) that can eliminate enemy lines fast. It can be obtained by collecting the pink present with a cyan wrapper.
Riddler Present

Riddler Present


It is noticeably weak if you use it with 1-7 firepower because of the spread. Recommended firepower is 8+ because it will eventually be more accurate and thus, making it more powerful. Manual firing is useless for this weapon since it overheats very slowly (about 20 seconds of continuous firing).


Maxed-out Riddler in The Source of Power.


  • Very fast firing rate
  • Great accuracy
  • Instant hit against enemies (same with Laser Cannon)
  • Blasts back the Henterprise's feathers with little effort


  • Bad accuracy when you have low firepower
  • Low-Moderate damage


  • Due to it's instantaneous shots, it can blast back the Henterprise's feathers with ease.
  • At Firepower 20, it fires 9 bullets, each dealing 26 damage (Superstar Hero)
  • Before Beta patch 0.40 was released, the color of the present was dark red.

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