This article is about the Positron Stream. For about the weapon with the same colors, see here.
Positron Stream Present

Positron Stream Present


Weapon in UO and COTDS

Positron Stream is a purple beam-like weapon in Chicken invaders 4 and also in Chicken Invaders 5. It's a "homing" weapon, nearly similarly to Lightning Fryer.

Weapon Overview

This weapon is strong enough to kill chickens at a multiple rate, however like Lightning Fryer, holding the spacebar or left mouse button, but it overheats really fast.


  • Deals continuous amount of damage, can destroy barriers in seconds.
  • A good pick for players that have low firepower.


  • Quickly overheats.
  • Hard to use against a large group of objects, like feathers or asteroids.
Positron Stream

Positron Stream VS Wave 55

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