The Plasma Riffle is a Weapon in ROTY, UO and Cluck of the Dark Side.

In UO and CI5, it is unlockable with Keys, costing 75 in both games.

Pros & Cons


  • Deals a boatload of damage, even at Firepower 5, can kill a Chickenaut in seconds
  • Manual firing can kill chickens quickly, but still possible to overheat
  • May have good accuracy if the firepower is high


  • Can overheat in less than 5 seconds if fired continuously
  • Deals less damage to the Henterprise
Plasma Rifle Present

Plasma Rifle Present in CI4 and later


  • The Plasma Riffle has a new look in UO, it looks like the Utensil Poker, except in Dark-Purple hue.
  • Sometimes the Plasma Rifle goes in the wrong way, like the Positron Stream.
  • This is the weapon that can overheat really quick.
  • In CI5, Firepower 20 can deal 533 damage per click. (Superstar Hero)
Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle VS U.C.O #4

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