Neutron Gun
Neutron Gun
Color Green
Image Color Ribbon
Neutron Gun Present Green Lime
Point 2,000
Overheat 12
Path Straight
Speed Medium
Fire Rate Medium
CI 5 CI 4 CI 3

CI 5 TBA 2100 1050 700
CI 4 TBA 2100 1050 525
CI 3 TBA 2100 1050 525
CI 2 TBA 1250 625

The Neutron Gun is a weapon in the Chicken Invaders series, it made its first appearance in The Next Wave and got a visual update starting from Revenge of the Yolk and beyond.

It fires green bullets that are fairly strong againist enemies overall, to obtain this weapon, pick up the green gift that enemies drop.


The Next Wave

This is probably the strongest weapon with good management out of the 3 weapons, the bullets travel a bit slowly but it makes it up for the huge power and the damage it deals to the enemies is very satisfying, it can easily clear levels and bosses with practice. It's neither spreaded nor entirely focused.

Revenge of the Yolk

This weapon is pretty strong and straightforward, it has a decent fire rate and a good damage againist anything overall, like in the previous game, managing this weapon well can destroy enemies and bosses easily, however, beware of huge waves since this weapon has no spread overall.

Ultimate Omelette

Not much changes about this weapon, however, when zooming out on-screen on some levels and bosses, this weapon can take quite a while to hit enemies since it's very slow and it's not spreaded at all, use it with caution when this happens.

Cluck of the Dark Side

Its power was reduced against certain enemies but it still retains its position in the most powerful weapon.


  • A strong weapon against most enemies. (Nuclear weapon)
  • A straightforward powerful range.
  • Good management of this weapon can make games easily won.
  • Manually firing this weapon is much faster than firing it automatically.
  • Dishes out good damage at bosses.


  • Weak easy wave-clear, you have to administrate your shots well on huge waves.
  • The bullets travel slowly, making it sometimes hard to hit something with it.
  • You need to have a good management of this weapon, otherwise, you won't find much use for it.
  • In Ultimate Omelette, stages that zoom the screen out makes this weapon very unreliable due to its bullet speed and weak wave-clear.
  • Very weak against the Henterprise.


  • This weapon made its debut on The Next Wave and got a visual update in Revenge of the Yolk afterwards.
  • This is probably one of the strongest weapons in every game with good skill, the other weapons with strength comparable to the Neutron Gun are Utensil Poker and Corn Shotgun.
  • Several enemies are weak againist this weapon in Chicken Invaders 3 and 4.
  • At Firepower 20, it fires 5 wide-shots (CI3 and up), which deals 166.66 damage each, totalling 833.33 damage. (Superstar Hero)