Military Chicken
Military Chicken Boss
Type Big Chicken
Homeplace Unknown
Health 80,000
Debut Cluck of The Dark Side
Chapter Mad Madam Maddame (2)
Previous Henterprise
Next Party Chicken

The Military Chicken is one of the bosses in Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side. This, among with Party Chicken are twins.


It only has 2 attacks, Which is: Throwing Grenades, Before it throws its grenades, It makes a weird military sound effect to alert the player it's ready to throw its grenades. Throwing Knives, It currently does alert you by it's slow movement, And targets to your direction and it cannot change it's direction, It just goes forward randomly. Then it repeats from its first attack.


  • It makes a main comeback in Chapter 9. Along with Party Chicken.