Madam Madámme
Madam Madámme
"Mad" Madam Madámme's tent




Galactic Oracle





First Appearance

Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side

Madam Madámme is a galactic oracle. She makes her first appearance in Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side.


She's a galactic oracle and also helps the Hero in Chapter 3 and Chapter 11.

It's unknown if she resides in the tent or is the tent itself. The tent in appearance is purple with dark purple stars, which is mounted on top of a brown space rock, and has a sign mounted on top of her, which reads her name. The sign is round, showing a crescent moon and a bunch of stars. There is a blue glow coming from the tent's entrance, which presumably could mean something else.

At first, the Hero flies to her for help. She says that the Hero must save the day, and that the dark side advances. The Hero asks her how to do it, and Madamme says that Humanity's Greatest Fan is only his salvation and that he needs to collect three artifacts to build it:

After he collects all the 3 artifacts, he returns to Madamme, who is strangely confused and surprised at his success at doing so. She gives him instructions on how to build and install Humanity's Greatest Fan, and tells him that he needs to return to the surface of his home planet, Earth. Later on towards the end of the game, he finally installs the fan, which happens to literally be almost half the size of the planet! After he defeats the nefarious Henterprise, he turns on the machine's fans, blowing away all of the feathers, but also pushing the Earth away from it's physical position in the process.


  • As the Hero say - "This place is popular"
  • Hen Solo makes a cameo appearance. He appears to be leaving the tent.
  • The Hero called her: "Mad Madam Madámme" and this name is also the title of chapter 2 of CI5.
  • She might not be a good oracle because Hero says she could not guess his weight right.

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