Madam Madámme
Madam Madámme's tent in 'Cluck of the Dark Side'




Galactic Oracle





First Appearance

Cluck of the Dark Side

Madam Madámme is a galactic oracle who lives somewhere between the Orion Galactic Arm and the Norma Galactic Arm in the Milky Way. She makes her first appearance in Cluck of the Dark Side.


It's unknown if she resides in the tent or is the tent itself. The tent is purple with dark purple stars, which is mounted on top of an asteroid, and has a sign mounted on top of it, which reads her name. The sign is round, showing a crescent moon and a bunch of stars. There is a blue glow coming from the tent's entrance.


Earlier on, after the Henterprise retreated, the narrator and the Hero were trying to come up with how to get rid of the feathers spewn out by it. The narrator then suggested that he should visit Madam Madámme. At first the Hero was skeptical, as the last time he visited her, she couldn't even guess his weight correctly, but the narrator said that it's the only way they can get rid of the feathers fast enough.

The Hero then comes to her for advice. She says that Humanity's Greatest Fan is his only hope of salvation and that he needs to collect three Artifacts to build it, which are the Blade of Revolution, the Source of Power, and the Thingamajig of Vagueness. After he collects all of the 3 Artifacts, he returns to Madámme, who is surprised that he managed to do it successfully. She gives him instructions on how to build and install the Humanity's Greatest Fan, and tells him that he needs to return to the surface of his home planet, Earth.


  • As the Hero said, this place is popular, as we even saw Hen Solo visit it.
  • Her name in the Beta versions was "Madam Mah'Damme".
  • Her internal name is "Fortune Teller".
  • She might not be that great of an oracle after all, because the Hero says she wasn't able to guess his weight correctly.