Lightning Fryer
Lightning Fryer
Shape Laser
Object Lightning
Color White
Image Color Ribbon
Lightning Fryer Present Sky blue Ribbon
Point 5,000
Overheat 9
Path Zig-zag
Speed Instant
Fire Rate Rapid
CI 5 CI 4 CI 3

CI 5 605 990 495 330
CI 4 583.33 1000 500 250
CI 3 583.33 1000 500 250

The Lightning Fryer is a weapon introduced in Revenge of the Yolk and one of the first laser weapons introduced to the game, it fires 1-3 lightning-like lasers that aim at enemies and damage them, moving closer and farther makes lasers either aim one or many enemies, to use this weapon, pick the sky-blue gift that drops from enemies.


This weapon is a laser weapon, it owns homing properties and it has a decent strength, every laser individually damages an enemy, moving closer to an enemy makes all the lasers to focus it and moving farther can target other targets to also deal damage to them, however, the damage falls off a lot if the 3 lasers are not focusing an enemy and each laser can individually chase waves of enemies, making it a hard weapon to maneuver.


  • Homing properties, making targets to be hit with ease.
  • Almost never overheats with good management.
  • It has a good strength if all lasers are aimed at one enemy.
  • Continuous damage, just like the other laser weapons.


  • Each laser is individually weak, if firepower is low.
  • Some lasers could hit targets that are not affected by damage (like for example the U.C.O's arms/guns or the Space Crab's hands). This issue also affects the other laser weapons.
  • This weapon is hard to master due to it's targeting tendencies, it also requires good positioning.
  • Some enemies are very strong against this weapon, making it very unreliable in such cases.


  • This, the Plasma Rifle and the Positron Stream are currently the only laser weapons in the series.
  • It is technically the first weapon you start with in Revenge of the Yolk, as you use it against the opening chicken.
Lightning Frier

Lighting Frier Vs Egg Cannon

  • All lasers currently need the same requirements to deal good damage amounts: Good positioning, mastery and management.
  • The laser weapons grow bigger with each firepower, showing off how they got affected by such.
    • When the firepower reaches 6, there are 2 Lightning Fryer beams.
    • When the firepower reaches 20 (the max power of firepower), there are 3 Lightning Fryer beams, each dealing 166.666 damage totalling 500.