Laser Cannon
Laser Cannon
Object Laser
Color Orange
Image Color Ribbon
Laser Cannon Present Orange Tangerine
Point 3,000
Overheat 7
Path Straight
Speed Instant
Fire Rate Slow
CI 5 CI 4 CI 3

CI 5 1100 1800 900 600
CI 4 1050 1800 900 450
CI 3 1050 1800 900 450
CI 2 540 720 360 N/A

The Laser Cannon is a weapon that made debut in The Next Wave, it fires lasers that instantly hit enemies on-screen, it's extremely straightforward and it has an orange color, to fire this weapon, pick the orange gift that drops from enemies.


The Next Wave

This weapon is the fastest manual firing rate weapon in the game, you can destroy enemies one by one with this weapon, including bosses, with good aim, you can also kill fast-moving enemies with enough practice. The range is extremely linear and has no spread, so be careful with huge chicken waves.

Revenge of the Yolk

This weapon is a safe pick due to it's infinite and instant linear range and it's strong overall, you can still destroy enemies one by one fast with good aim, you can also attack bosses with ease due to it's range and it almost always safely hits non-moving bosses.

Ultimate Omelette
Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon in action

It's similar to the previous game, still a good pick, linear instant range but not infinite when zooming out in certain levels, making this weapon very limited and unsafe in such cases, for the rest, it's still good and it destroys enemies in the same fashion as in the previous games. Also, the gift needed to obtain this weapon is orange-colored instead of yellow (which is the color for Boron Railgun instead).


  • Instant-hit rate with infinite linear range.
  • Very strong and focused damage.
  • Destroys enemies one by one (in all games).
  • Safe pick against most bosses.
  • Very fast fire rate when manually firing it.
  • Clicking as fast would kill chickens, but it's possible to overheat if you click too fast.


  • The range becomes limited when zooming out from screen in Ultimate Omelette and Cluck of the Dark Side.
  • The range is dangerous against huge chicken waves.
  • Firepower dependant if you need to spread it's range decently, otherwise, aim well to hit enemies.
  • Some bosses are not entirely damaged by this weapon.
  • Can overheat if you click too fast or fired continuously in 7 seconds or less


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