Ion Blaster
Ion Blaster
Color Red (Green in CI1)
Image Color Ribbon
Ion Blaster Present Red Orange
Point 1,000
Overheat 7
Path Straight and Spread
Speed Medium
Fire Rate Medium
CI 5 CI 4 CI 3

CI 5 583.33 1000 500 250
CI 4 611.11 1000 500 333.33
CI 3 611.11 1000 500 333.33
CI 2 750 1000 500 N/A
CI 1 Unknown Unknown

The Ion Blaster is the very first weapon of all the Chicken Invaders series, making it the oldest weapon in the game. It fires red spreaded bullets (green in Chicken Invaders 1) that can easily clear enemy waves.


Chicken Invaders

This is the only weapon that you get in this game, just pick up the gifts that the chickens eventually drop to make this weapon stronger, keep firing the chickens with your weapon to clear the waves easily. This is also the only game where this weapon is green.

The Next Wave

This is the weapon you start with, upgrading this weapon with firepower allows spreaded shots that easily clear chicken waves, it's not particularly strong againist bosses so try to use this weapon for normal waves only.

Revenge of the Yolk

You also start with this weapon in the game, upgrade it with firepower to spread the bullets and clear the chicken waves easily, it's still difficult to fight bosses with this weapon so be careful.

Ultimate Omelette

You don't start with this weapon in the game but you can still obtain it with the respective weapon gift, the strategy remains the same like the previous games.

Cluck of the Dark Side

Same as Ultimate Omelette


  • A weapon that is easy to use.
  • Easy chicken wave-clear, you don't have to move a lot to shoot all the chickens.
  • Decent focused damage.
  • Low overheat rate with manual fire.
  • A good option for new players.
  • Perfect for Supernova Explosion in CI4 due to its huge range, especially at power 20 or above.


  • Damage falls off on bosses, unless you get really close, you're putting yourself in danger for nothing.
  • Automatic fire is not recommended, it fires this weapon slowly.
  • Not enough firepower in some waves makes this weapon a weak choose.
  • Its massive range can be a problem when facing off against smaller and singular enemies.
    Ion Blaster

    Ion Blaster in action


  • Starting from The Next Wave and beyond, the color is red, Ion Blaster's color was initially green. It was also yellow in one of the online versions of Revenge of the Yolk.
  • Like the 3 Starter Weapons (Neutron Gun & Laser Cannon) their design has changed in Revenge of the Yolk
  • Ion Blaster has most re-designs from any weapon in the series (In CI2 also because color was changed)
  • This is the 1st weapon with multiple colors, the others are Photon Swarm & Boron Railgun.
  • In Ultimate Omelette and later, you will start with other weapons (in CI4 Boron Railgun, in CI5 Hypergun).
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT the weakest weapon, even at Max Power. At Firepower 20, it fires seven 2-packed shots which deals 66.66 damage each, totalling 466.66 damage, topping out Vulcan Chaingun and Boron Railgun in DMC (damage per click)

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