Interdimensional Portal
An interdimensional portal from 'Cluck of the Dark Side'.



First Appearance

Cluck of the Dark Side

Interdimensional Portals are recurring obstacles in the Chicken Invaders franchise, used since Cluck of the Dark Side. They summon Chickens from other dimensions. They are invulnerable, so the only way to get rid of them is to kill all of the enemies they release.



Interdimensional Portals attack by summoning a variety of enemies depending on the current wave, including Chicks, Chickens, UFO Chicks, Pilot Chickens, and Eggs.


They are rings which have three extensions and nine rings on them. The portal part is a green translucent grid located inside of the ring.

Editions do not alter them directly.


Cluck of the Dark Side

Interdimensional Portals in this game are used in Waves 12, 24, 49, and 67. In Waves 24 and 67, they are capable of moving around, while in Waves 12 and 49, they are stationary. In Wave 12, they summon Chickens and Chicks. In Wave 24, they summon UFO Chicks along with Chickens and Chicks. In Wave 49, they summon Chicks, then Chickens, then Pilot Chickens and finally Eggs. in Wave 67, they only summon Eggs. They are invulnerable to any kinds of weapons, even Missiles, and they give no points once they poof.

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