The Hypergun is a powerful automatic weapon introduced in Cluck of The Dark side. It is a powerful automatic weapon good for clearing stacks/lines of chickens because of its relatively high damage and firing speed. It is the first weapon that you will use in CI5.
Hypergun Present

Hypergun Present


It is a fast firing weapon, therefore has a fast overheat rate (Excluding the Riddler). Burst firing this weapon is a good tactic to prevent overheating quickly. This weapon is also capable of rotating it's output vector (change shot directions) making it a nice alternative for the Boron Railgun or Vulcan Chaingun.


The spread of the Hypergun.


  • High damage
  • Fast firing rate
  • Projectiles spread making it useful for clearing small groups


  • Can overheat in 5 seconds
  • Slow firing rate when you have low firepower
  • Somewhat weak against some bosses
  • Less danage dealt to Henterprise


  • At Firepower 20, it fires 7 shots which deals 50 damage each, totalling 350 damage (Superstar Hero).
  • The Henterprise resists hits against this weapon, taking only 42 damage each shot at Max Power on Superstar Hero.
  • The Hypergun is actually a reference to the Star Fox Hyper Laser.

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