Humanity's Greatest Fan

The Biggest Fan Ever!

Humanity's Greatest Fan as name implifies, is a huge fan. The Hero used it to blow away the feathers, and give warm sunlight again for the Earth.


Long time ago, a alien race that is now long extinct built this arcane of unlimited power, device of advanced technology, and only this was known at creation.

Later, as plot of Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side continues, the Hero arrives at Madam Madámme's area and asks her for any information to save the Earth. She states that Humanity's Greatest Fan is their only chance of saving the day.

The creators of the device scattered its mechanical parts across the galaxy and hid each one on the most inaccessible of planets. The Blade of Revolution which was three fan blades, on Epsilon Thalassus, the Source of Power that is a potato battery that could possibly be radioactive, from Gamma Chthon, and the Thingamajig of Vagueness that is a strange gadget with a single red button. on Eta Astropelecae.

Now with all 3 parts collected, the Hero and the narrator head back to Madam Madámme for further instructions...


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