The Henterprise.
Nickname Henterprise
Role Final Boss
Type Battleship
Built by Chickens
Homeplace (unknown, presumably Chicken's homeplanet)
Health • 60,000 (Chapter 1)
• 180,000 (Chapter 7)
• 1,000,000 (Chapter 12)
Debut Cluck of the Dark Side
Chapter • A Shot in Dark (1)
• The Thingamajig of Vagueness (7)
• Let There be Light (12)
Previous • N/A
Heart of Darkness (Chapter 6)
Chicken Coop (Chapter 11)
Next Military Chicken (Chapter 2)
Ice Golem (Chapter 8)
• N/A

The Henterprise, or as referred by its codename, CK-01 Henterprise, is the Final Boss in Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side. It is the fifth attempt of the chickens to attack Earth and the third attempt to destroy it (The Big Chicken in CI1 and the Mother Hen-Ship in CI2 simply tried to take over Earth).

It's a large battleship made out of metal,and it's also the biggest boss to date.


Attack type Image Description
Red Beam
Red Beam
Appearing in all phases and chapters, this attack is activated when the Henterprise enters the screen. It is the easiest attack to dodge. The hitbox of the beam isn't the entire thing, the sides with less opacity than the center are safe.
Purple Lasers
Purple Lasers
Debuting in Chapter 1, it activates after the red beam. They fire in a perfectly straight line, and they emanate from the 8 mini-cannons that are also used to fire eggs. They reappear in the 5th and final phase in Chapter 12, but this time they fire at random directions, and the beams get wider the farther they go.
Black Feathers
Black Feathers
After the Purple Lasers (Chapter 1), or the Red Beam (Chapter 7 & 12), the Henterprise spews out feathers that can be pushed with your shot like the feathers in the Feather Fields of Yolkon-7. (CI4 Chapter 4)
Sun Fireballs
Sun Fireballs
After the Black Feathers, the Henterprise fires large suns (Chapter 12 only). Their hitbox is smaller than the sprite but not to the extent of the Red Beam. It appears in all 4 phases, and get replaced by Egg Launch or Blue Ions every even wave of Black Feathers.
Chick(en) Wobble
Chicken Wobble
Similarly to how the Egg Cannon fires Metal Suit Chickens. It appears in all chapters but not in Phase 5 of Chapter 12. In Chapter 1 and 7, it fires Chicks, but it fires Metal Suit Chickens in Chapter 12. It never fires ordinary or mini-Military Chickens.
Egg Launch
Egg Launch
Appears in Chapter 1 and 12, the Henterprise fires multiple eggs from the 8 mini-cannons that can also fire the Purple Lasers.
Blue Ion
Blue Ion
Exclusive to Chapter 7 and 12, it fires multiple blue shots from the dish. They cover a large area and spread out the further they go. In Chapter 12, it replaces the Sun Fireballs after every even wave of Black Feathers (Phase 2 and 4 only). The sound emitted when the Henterprise uses this attack is a robotic-sounding chicken cluck.

Attack Patterns:

Chapter 1: A Shot in The Dark

Red Beam -> Purple Lasers -> Black Feathers -> Egg Launch -> Chick Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers,

Chapter 7: The Thingamajig of Vagueness

Red Beam -> Black Feathers -> Blue Ion -> Chick Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers, same as Chapter 1. Every 25% of it's health stripped (45,000HP), it drops 3 powerups, a firepower and a satellite. After losing 50% of it's health, it leaves the left side and returns from the right before retreating.

Chapter 12: Let There Be Light

Red Beam -> Black Feathers -> Sun Fireballs -> Chicken Wobble -> Black Feathers -> Egg Launch -> Chicken Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers then Sun Fireballs and so on. This can only happen in Phase 1 and 3. As for Phase 2 and 4:

Red Beam -> Black Feathers -> Sun Fireballs -> Chicken Wobble -> Black Feathers -> Blue Ion -> Chicken Wobble

Same with Phase 1 and 3, it repeats from Black Feathers then Sun Fireballs and so on. And Phase 5 is much simpler:

Red Beams -> Purple Lasers

It then fire Purple Lasers randomly and never use the Red Beam again. Once its health is finally depleted, a series of explosions will be on the Henterprise before the ship itself explodes into another massive one, to which the game says "Epically Awesome!" upon its defeat.


  • Avoid the Laser in the middle. However, the beam's hitbox is only in the middle, ending where the brighter parts would meet near the sides. The sides are actualy harmless, and thus, it's safe to stay there.

    It's safe to stay in the sides of the beam

  • Clear out the feathers. You don't have to clear all of them, as you simply need to clear out a path and then you're through.
  • Avoid or barbecue (it's possible) the Sun Fireballs. Likewise with the Red Beam, its hitbox is smaller than its sprite although the difference is not as big as the Red Beam. It's still recommended to try and stay away from them as grazing the attacks yields no rewards.
  • Kill or avoid the chickens launched. It is best to avoid the chickens in the last encounter, as they wore Metal Suits and have over 10x the health of Chicks.
  • Avoid the eggs by positioning yourself under the dish.
  • The blue beams are wide, and it is best to position yourself on the opposite site of where the Henterprise is. (when it is left, go right, and vice versa)
  • As much as possible, get a Neutron GunLightning Fryer or Utensil Poker since they're the most reliable weapons against it. The Hypergun, Plasma Rifle,Neutron Gun and Photon swarm deal less damage to it than to ordinary chickens. (less damage to boss)
  • During its final phase, when the Henterprise shoots purple lasers in random directions, you'll need to find an open area where you won't be killed by them. The farther the laser, the larger it gets. There is, however, a safe place then the Henterprise NEVER fires its lasers at, shown in the picture.

    Player in Safe Zone. Note the yellow glow and sparks


    A cheated game with the player in the "safe zone", the opposite side of the screen is also safe


  • The Henterprise has a yellow egg yolk in the center of it. This might be the ship's energy source...
  • At the back of this nefarious ship are two giant metal legs that largely resemble chicken legs.
  • It is unknown how it can travel from one end of the Milky Way Galaxy to another in just 6 chapters. After it retreated in Chapter 1, it might have went for the "Thingamajig Road Trip" and is blocking the Hero's way there. It is possible that it is guarding the most important artifact of all, a on-off button. It might have went through portals or has faster-than-light technology.
  • The Henterprise is the largest boss in Chicken Invaders series to date.
  • The yolk on the top of the ship might be from the Mother-Hen Ship or the Yolk Star.
  • Henterprise's name is a pun on Enterprise with H added on beginning.


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