The Henterprise.
Nickname Henterprise
Role Final Boss
Type Battleship
Built by Chickens
Homeplace (unknown, presumably Chicken's homeplanet)
Health • 60000 (1st Encounter)
• 180000 (2nd Encounter)
• 1000000 (Final Encounter)
Debut Cluck of the Dark Side
Chapter • A Shot in Dark (1)
• The Thingamajig of Vagueness (7)
• Let There be Light (12)
Previous • N/A
Heart of Darkness (Chapter 6)
Chicken Coop (Chapter 11)
Next Military Chicken (Chapter 2)
Ice Golem (Chapter 8)
• N/A

The CK-01 Henterprise, is the final boss in Cluck of the Dark Side. It is the chickens' fifth attempt to attack Earth.

It's a large battleship made out of metal, and it's also the biggest boss to date, arguably dwarfing even Jupiter in size.


Attack type Image Description
Red Beam
Red Beam
Appearing in all phases and chapters, this attack is activated when the Henterprise enters the screen. It is the easiest attack to dodge. The sides of the beam are safe to stay in.
Purple Lasers
Purple Lasers
This attack usually activates after the red beam. They fire in a straight line from the 8 mini-cannons that are also used to fire eggs. They reappear in the final phase in the final encounter, where they are fired in random directions, and the beams get wider the farther they go.
Black Feathers
Black Feathers
After the Purple Lasers in the first encounter, or the Red Beam in encounters following it, the Henterprise spews out sunlight-blocking feathers that can be pushed away by shooting at them, just like the feathers in the Feather Fields of Yolkon-7 in Ultimate Omelette.
Sun Fireballs
Sun Fireballs
After the Black Feathers, the Henterprise fires large sun fireballs. That can only happen in the final encounter. Their hitbox is smaller than the sprite. It appears in the first 4 phases, and has a chance to get replaced by the Egg Launch or Blue Ions every even wave of Black Feathers.
Chick(en) Wobble
Chicken Wobble
It's similar to The Egg Cannon's Chicken Wobble. It appears in every encounter but not in the final phase in the last encounter. In the first two encounter, Chicks are used, while in the last one, Metal-suit Chickens are used.
Egg Launch
Egg Launch
Appears in the first and last encounter. The Henterprise fires multiple eggs from the 8 mini-cannons that are also used to fire the Purple Lasers.
Blue Ion
Blue Ion
Doesn't appear in the first encounter. It fires multiple blue shots from the dish. They cover a large area and spread out the further they go. In the final encounter, it replaces the sun fireballs after every even wave of Black Feathers (Phase 2 and 4 only). The sound emitted when the Henterprise uses this attack is a robotic-sounding chicken cluck.


First Encounter

Red Beam -> Purple Lasers -> Black Feathers -> Egg Launch -> Chick Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers. The first encounter has it always stay on the top of the screen.

Second Encounter

Red Beam -> Black Feathers -> Blue Ion -> Chick Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers. It starts from the left side of the screen. Every 25% of its health being depleted (45,000HP), it will drop 3 powerups, an Atomic Powerup and a satellite. After losing 50% of it's health, it goes to the other side of the screen.

Final Encounter

Phase 1/3:
Red Beam -> Black Feathers -> Sun Fireballs -> Chicken Wobble -> Black Feathers -> Egg Launch -> Chicken Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers. In those phases, it's either on the top (Phase 1) or on the bottom (Phase 3) of the screen.

Phase 2/4:
Red Beam -> Black Feathers -> Sun Fireballs -> Chicken Wobble -> Black Feathers -> Blue Ion -> Chicken Wobble

It then repeats from Black Feathers. In those phases, it's either on the left (Phase 2) or on the right (Phase 4) side of the screen.

Phase 5:
Red Beam -> Purple Lasers

It will keep using the Purple Lasers attack until it's destroyed.


  • Clear out the feathers. You don't have to clear all of them, only those that are in your way.
  • Avoid or use the Barbequer on the sun fireballs.
  • Kill or avoid the chickens launched. It is best to avoid the chickens in the last encounter, as they're very tough.
  • Avoid the eggs in the Egg Launch attack by positioning yourself under the dish.
  • Get the best weapons available, such as the Neutron GunLightning Fryer or Utensil Poker, since they're the most reliable weapons against it. It's strong against the Hypergun, Plasma Rifle, Photon Swarm, and Neutron Gun, although the differences aren't very noticeable.
  • During the final phase, it's recommended to hide as close to the side of the screen and the Henterprise as possible. The Lasers don't get fired here as often/


  • The Henterprise has a huge yolk in the center of it, likely being its power source.
  • It has two giant metal legs that resemble chicken legs.
  • Its name is a pun on the Enterprise from Star Trek with the letter H added before it.