Henperor's Apprentice
Henperor's Apprentice
Type Big Chicken
Homeplace Unknown
Health 140,000
Debut Cluck of The Dark Side
Chapter The Source of Power (5)
Previous Jellyfish King
Next Heart of Darkness

The Henperor's Apprentice is one of the bosses in Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of the Dark Side. It's a Darth Vader-esque chicken that appears in the final wave of chapter The Source of Power (chapter 5).


  • He spawns a big red circle that surrounds him, acting as a shield and a forcefield.
  • He shoots 5 spinning lasers in star shape and completes a 1/5 circular rotation.
  • His psychic attack changes your spaceship's direction. Facing completely up or down is drastic as the shield blocks you from ever attacking him.


  • He has been fan-named Darth Egg-Layer by Ben Cooney, the media management for the wiki.


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