Hen Solo
Hen Solo's ship, also known as the Millennium Hatchling.







First Appearance

Ultimate Omelette

Hen Solo is a famous intergalactic pilot from another galaxy. He pilots the Millennium Hatchling. His first appearance is in Ultimate Omelette.


His ship's design borrows heavily from the design of the Millennium Falcon. The only real difference the Millennium Hatchling has from the Millennium Falcon is that it's got a satellite dish.

Editions don't alter his ship.


Hen Solo is first seen coming out of a portal, to warn the Hero about the Chickens' newest contraption of doom, The Egg Cannon. He helps him out in the first half of the game, and even fights beside him in the Two Forks are Better than One chapter. You can use his ship if you spend 1000 Keys to buy it. When using it, the Boron Railgun will be orange colored.

He appears again as a cameo in Cluck of the Dark Side. He is seen leaving Madam Madámme's area just as the Hero arrives there. This may imply that he was also seeking advice from her.


Hen Solo may also appear in the Two Forks are Better than One chapter to help you out (if the "Allow wingman" option is enabled). Once present, Hen Solo will follow you. If you use your weapon, he will also shoot. He uses his orange colored ⚡11 Boron Railgun for that, with the bullets being significantly weaker, dealing only 50 damage each. He will shoot between two and five salvos, dealing in total between 400 and 1000 damage every time. If you are piloting the Millenium Hatchling, the Wingman Hen Solo will use the Hero's M-404 PI and the regular yellow Boron Railgun instead.



  • Hen Solo references Han Solo from the Star Wars franchise.
  • Hen Solo is the only NPC helper in the Chicken Invaders series to date, thanks to his appearance in the Two Forks are Better than One chapter.
  • Cluck of the Dark Side has mirrored the design of his ship, with the satellite dish and the pipe piece switching sides.
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