Hen Solo
Hen Solo's ship, also known as the Millennium Hatchling.




Likely Foreign Galaxy



First Appearance

Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette

Hen Solo is a famous intergalactic pilot from another galaxy. He pilots the Millennium Hatchling. His first appearance is in Ultimate Omelette.

In that game, Hen Solo warns the Hero about the Chickens' new contraption of doom, The Egg Cannon. He helps you out in the first half of the game, and even fights beside the Hero in chapter 2. You can use his ship if you spend 1000 Keys to buy it. When using it, the Boron Railgun will be orange colored.

He appears again as a cameo in Cluck of The Dark Side. He is seen leaving Madam Madámme's area just as the Hero arrives there. This may imply that he was also seeking help from her.



  • Hen Solo is a referrence to Han Solo from the Star Wars franchise. His ship's design borrows heavily from the design of the Millennium Falcon, but with a satellite dish added.
  • His appearance in Cluck of the Dark Side has strangely mirrored the design of the ship, with the satellite dish and the pipe piece switching sides in this game.