Hen Solo
Hen Solo, also known as Millennium Falcon.




Likely "Foreign" Galaxy



First Appearance

Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette

Hen Solo is another intergalactic pilot in the universe. He pilots the Millennium Hatchling. His first appearance is in Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette game.

In Ultimate Omelette, Hen Solo helps the Hero with The Egg Cannon. He is also a famous pilot but in another galaxy, likely the "Foreign" galaxy.

He fights beside the Hero in Chapter 2 of Ultimate Omelette, but only there. He's even a playable character if you spend 1000 Keys to buy him.

Unfortunately, Hen Solo only makes one appearance in Cluck of The Dark Side. He is seen leaving Madam Madámme's area just as the Hero arrives in his place. This may imply that the Henterprise also left feathers in front of his planet and that he might have consulted Madámme for help. Just not with the same device as Humanity's Greatest Fan.

CI5 Hen Solo's Cameo Appearance

Hen Solo in CI5 as Cameo Appearance


  • Hen Solo is obviously a reference to Han Solo from the Star Wars franchise.
    • He is built similarly to some ships in that franchise.
  • Does anyone else notice that the pipe piece on the Millennium Hatchling is on the right side in Cluck of The Dark Side, but was on the left in Ultimate Omelette? Same goes for the satellite dish.
  • His engine color is orange, and he leaves dust, like the Hero as he flies.
  • This spaceship is similar to Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon.

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