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Hen House in 'Cluck of the Dark Side'.

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Cluck of the Dark Side

Hen House is one of the bosses present in Cluck of the Dark Side. It's a coop built by Chickens on Earth, in order to prevent you from placing the Humanity's Greatest Fan there.


It's a coop made out of wood.

The Christmas edition turns it into a gingerbread house, while the Halloween edition adds blood splatters on it.


Image Description
Chick Wobble

The Hen House deploys 24 Chicks in groups of four.
Corncob Launch

The Hen House launches 8 Corncobs.
Chicken Wobble

The Hen House deploys 28 Metal-suit Chickens in groups of four.

The Hen House uses a blue laser forcefield for four seconds.


It's encountered only once at the end of the Atmospheric Reentry chapter. There, it has 300000 health. It gives 300000 points after destruction. Its attack pattern is rather simple. First, it uses Chick Wobble. Then, it uses Corncob Launch. Its third attack is Chicken Wobble. It ends its pattern with Forcefield. A Satellite is summoned at the beginning and at the end of the fight. One Satellite is also summmoned when its health reaches 60%. It will spawn a Gift and an Atomic Powerup every 20% of its health depleted. It is weak to the Riddler, Boron Railgun, Utensil Poker, and the Microgun, and it is strong to Corn Shotgun and the Bird-Flu Gun.


When Chick or Chicken Wobbles happen, move away. With Corncob Launch you may be more safe attacking it, but it's still risky. It isn't much worth to collect the popcorn that comes out of them, unless you want to get more Missiles.


  • It is possible to survive the Forcefield attack even if you stay in the middle of the screen, if you stay at the top border of the screen and don't move at all.
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