Gamma Chthon
Gamma Chthon as seen in 'Cluck of the Dark Side'.


~13000-17000 kilometers


Terrestial planet


Plants, Heart of Darkness

First Appearance

Cluck of the Dark Side

Gamma Chthon is one of the planets the Hero visits in Cluck of the Dark Side. He has to descend down to this planet in order to retrieve the Source of Power. The planet is located on the Cygnus Galactic Arm in the Milky Way.

You can watch a tour of the caverns here.


The planet's surface has been scorched by the nearby sun's extreme heat, which allowed for underground tunnels to form with lots of priceless Crystals. It's very hot on the surface, but deeper into the tunnels it gets cold enough for life to be able to withstand the heat. The planet still has visible traces of an atmosphere, but it is likely very thin and made out of stuff like carbon dioxide.


Some plant life was able to persist deep within the tunnels. More complex life forms also are possible, as proven by the mysterious Heart of Darkness appearing in here.


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