A real-life fork.

Carving Fork

A real life carving fork

A fork is a projectile fired by the Utensil Poker in Chicken Invaders 3 and onwards. They can be used as a weapon after collecting a Utensil Poker giftbox. Also, a fork is used as a cursor in menu of every game from the series expect first one.

Fork used in Utensil Poker

The fork in Utensil Poker may vary. The most common one, the dinner fork (300 in Rookie, CI5), and the stronger one, the carving fork (450 in Rookie, CI5). A Utensil Poker in it's lowest firepower fires a dinner fork, and at Max Power, fires 5 carving forks (sharp) and 2 dinner forks at the sides


The forks can travel straight and compact, like Neutron Gun, and spreadish-like (Ion Blaster). It can be fired straight, slightly spreading, widespread, slightly spreading, compact, and again.


  • The fork is the only real-life projectile compared to other weapons (excluding Missiles).
  • The fork is the only projectile that kept what it is really are, because no changes in appearance involved.
  • The fork can travel in its trajectory, which is because there is no gravity in space.
  • The Utensil Poker may be a mix of Neutron Gun (high damage) and Ion Blaster (spread).
  • In the game, "the Fork" is the parody of "the Force" in Star Wars.

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