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Food are items used for obtaining missiles. When you collect 50 Food (100 food if you want to earn 10% more points), you gain a missile, and the Food counter resets to zero.

How to Get

Food are dropped when chickens are killed. If a chicken was killed by Utensil Poker, it does have more chance to drop food.

On certain waves in CI5, there is also other type of food - Corn. It can be roasted (Wave 18) or got shoot multiple times (Wave 47 and Hen House battle), then it will pop up and drop few Popcorns.

List of Food

Chicken Leg - Most common type of food, unobtainable from Chicks. 1 Food Point

Roasted Chicken - Appears rarely, unobtainable from Chicks. 10 Food Points (It's best food item, as 5 or 10 of them is needed for a missile)

Twin legs - Semi-common, only from Chicks. 3 Food Points.

Single Chicken Burger - Common, unobtainable from Chicks (expect Chick UFO's). 1 Food Point. This type has also four variations:

  • Plain one
  • With Cheese
  • Cheese and Tomato
  • Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce and Olive

Double Chicken Burger (with olive) - Semi-common, unobtainable from Chicks (expect Chick UFO's). 3 Food Points.

Triple Chicken Burger (with two olives) - Semi-common, unobtainable from Chicks (expect Chick UFO's). 4 Food Points.

Quad Chicken Burger (with three olives) - Rare, unobtainable from Chicks (expect Chick UFO's). 5 Food Points with "Super Size Me" bonus.

Popcorn - Rare, obtainable from Corn. 1 Food Point (Every popcorn does)


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