Food items are a game mechanic that's been used since Chicken Invaders. Once one is collected, you gain points and food units. When you collect 50 food units (100 with one of the Scoring unlockables), or 25 in the first two games, you gain a Missile, and the food counter resets to zero. In games that don't have Missiles, such as The Next Wave Online or Revenge of the Yolk Online, they're instead used as a way to get extra lives. Here, you obtain them every 100 food units collected.


Food is dropped most of the time when Chickens are killed. Ordinary Chicks are only able to drop twin legs. Another way to obtain food is from destroying Space Burger Corporation's convoys in Ultimate Omelette.

On certain waves in Cluck of the Dark Side, another type of food appears - popcorn. It can be roasted (Wave 18) or obtained by being shot at multiple times (Wave 47 and Hen House battle), and after that it will pop and drop popcorn.

List of Food


Most common type of food, appearing in all Chicken Invaders games. Gives 1 food unit and 200 points (in Chicken Invaders), 250 points (in The Next Wave), or 100 points (in the games following it).

Five variants of it exist, and they don't differ in the amount of points/food units they give. Those variants are:

  • MistletoeLeaf
    Mistletoe Leaf (The Next Wave Christmas)
  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin (Ultimate Omelette Thanksgiving)
  • Skull
    Skull (Cluck of the Dark Side Halloween)


Introduced in The Next Wave, this is the rarest food item obtainable from Chickens. Gives 10 food units (12 in The Next Wave before version 2.30), which is the highest amount you can get from the food items. In the game it debuted in, it gave the Appetite bonus, but in its sequels, it gives 1000 points. It has two variants, and those are:

  • CI3Roast
    Regular (every edition/game it appeared in other than The Next Wave Christmas)
  • Mistletoe
    Mistletoe (The Next Wave Christmas)

Twin Legs

Semi-common, exclusive to Chicks. Gives 3 food units and 100 points. Introduced in Ultimate Omelette.

Single Chicken Burger

Common, gives 1 food unit and different amount of points depending on which variation you collected. Introduced in Revenge of the Yolk. It has four variations:

  • PlainBurger
    Plain - 200 points
  • CheeseBurger
    Cheese - 400 points
  • TomatoCheeseBurger
    Cheese and Tomato - 800 points
  • TLCBurger
    Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce and Olive - 1600 points

Double Chicken Burger with Olive

Semi-common, gives 3 food units and 3200 points. Introduced in Revenge of the Yolk.

Triple Chicken Burger with two Olives

Semi-common, gives 4 food units and 6400 points. Introduced in Revenge of the Yolk.

Quad Chicken Burger with three Olives

Rare, gives 5 food units, 12800 points and a Super Size Me bonus. Introduced in Revenge of the Yolk.



All of the different variations of popcorn.

Rare, obtainable from Corn colbs. It's unique in that it doesn't bounce around the bottom of the screen, like other food types do. Gives 1 food unit and 1000 points regardless of the variation. Introduced in Cluck of the Dark Side.