Egg Drone
An Egg Drone from 'Revenge of the Yolk'.

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First Appearance

Revenge of the Yolk

Egg Drones are one of the enemies that appeared in Revenge of the Yolk. They are based on the Chickens' Eggs, with diodes and a bell attached to them.


Their only attack is occasionally shooting a green laser out of their bell shaped opening.


They are egg shaped ships with blue diodes and a bell shaped opening attached to them, out of which they shoot their lasers. They warn the player of their attack by blinking their top diode.

The editions do not alter them at all.


They only appear two times in Revenge of the Yolk, in Waves 15 and 72. In Wave 15 Entering egg-drone minefield!, they appear by themselves from the bottom of the screen, one by one. In Wave 72 with the same name, they arrive from the bottom of the screen in pairs. In the first wave they appear in, they have 650 health. In the second, they have 1550 health. They will always give 15000 points and 1 coin after being destroyed. They may also drop a Powerup.


  • Egg Drones are notoriously difficult, as you'll never know when they're going to shoot, and once their top diode flashes, you won't have much time to move out of their range.
  • Squeezing between Egg Drone pairs is doable, but it's very difficult, as it's easy to touch one of the Egg Drones' hitboxes and get killed.
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