Editions are special versions of the Chicken Invaders episodes that are usually based around various holidays. They come with the original version if you buy one on InterAction studios' website, or as DLC on Steam. The only game that doesn't have any edition made for it is the first game, and it's unlikely that Universe will receive them as well, due to how it's supposed to work.

Editions usually replace graphics and music of the game with something related to the thing it's covering. 

So far, there have been four different editions:


These editions usually have the most effort going into them, with most of the graphics and music being replaced. For example, only the Henterprise theme remained intact in Cluck of the Dark Side's Christmas edition.

Christmas Editions are being made since The Next Wave.


These editions usually have the least effort put into them compared to other editions. Only the graphics get replaced.

Easter Editions are being made since Revenge of the Yolk, however Cluck of the Dark Side hasn't received an Easter edition yet, and it's unknown if it ever will.


In these editions, the graphics and the main theme music is replaced. They are unique from other ones in that the cutscene and in-game text is changed appropriately, since Chickens get replaced with turkeys. It was also why this edition started out with English being the only language you were able to choose.

Thanksgiving Editions are being made since Ultimate Omelette, and so far it's the only game that has a thanksgiving edition.


Those only have the graphics and the main theme replaced.

Cluck of the Dark Side is the only game that has a halloween edition as of now.


  • Originally, the editions were only available when the holiday they celebrate arrived. Due to popular request however, since 2004 InterAction studios made them always available.
  • Cluck of the Dark Side does not have a Thanksgiving and an Easter edition yet, but it might happen after Universe is out. As for it, it's possible that it won't receive any editions due to how it'll work.