Earth as seen in CI5.


12,742 kilometers


Terrestial planet



First Appearance

Chicken Invaders (game)

The Earth is the Hero's and every human's home planet. It's also the main target in every attack of the Chickens.

It's located in the Solar System which is located in the Milky Way, and near it a Space Burgers store can be found.

Chickens have tried to take over/destroy it five different times now, but the Hero managed to defeat them and save it every time it was attacked. In Cluck of the Dark Side, the Hero has entered the surface of planet for the first time in the series to mount the Humanity's Greatest Fan.

You can watch a tour of the planet in Cluck of the Dark Side here.



  • Most renders of the Earth are centering around the Atlantic Ocean, with only the close-up renders of it in Chicken Invaders and The Next Wave centering around the Americas, and the far away render in The Next Wave focusing solely on Europe and Africa. Antarctica has so far been only visible in Chicken Invaders and Revenge of the Yolk renders, while Australia and Oceania have never been featured.