Debug Console is a feature known to be present within Revenge of the Yolk and other games made by InterAction studios on UveDX8 and its successors. It can be triggered in the versions of the games working on UveDX8 or on versions working on UveXX made before November 2010.

It was originally meant to be used and to have its functions extended for each game, but it has never been really used and only few basic commands are present. Island Wars 2 contains remnants of this idea, with few commands specific to it.


The Debug Console can be accessed through pressing both Shift and the tilda key (~) at once, after which it will pop up. It can be only accessed on builds of the games based on the original UveDX8 or on UveXX if the build was made before November 2010 as doing this in builds of the games based on versions of the engine made after November 2010 won't work, as Ultimate Omelette does not allow you to enable it through that method. Island Wars 2 has the "UVE console ready." message pop up when it is enabled.


Currently there are 9 commands. Any other command will result in an "Unknown command: [command]" message showing up. Certain games may not have some of the commands listed.

  • fps (number) - sets the fps to the presented number. The command takes the frame duration in seconds, so for example putting in 0.05 will result in the fps being set to 20 (one frame per 50 milliseconds or 0.05 seconds).
  • debug (number) - allows you to access Debug Modes. Only known way to access them in versions of the games from 2006 onwards.
  • fontcache (number) - sets font cache.
  • crash - causes the game to crash on request, with an error message popping up. Not present in Smileyville and Loco.
  • detail - sets the detail level. Only present in Chicken Invaders games.
  • rel (number) - unknown. Present since Piggly's release.
  • crash2 - presumably also crashes the game. Present since Ultimate Omelette's release.
  • crashhard - likely a replacement of crash2. Present in Universe.
  • aidebug (number) - Island Wars 2-exclusive command, shows the enemy's priorities for behavior and, in case of the AI controlling a plane, the position it will travel to.
  • slomo (number) - Island Wars 2-exclusive command, slows the game down or speeds it up, for example entering 2 will make it twice as fast. In Revenge of the Yolk and Loco it has no effect, and in Smileyville it crashes the game.


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