The Corn Shotgun is a low-medium rate firing anti-chicken multi-shot weapon. It is great for clearing clusters of enemies in a distance. It can be collected by obtaining the "pumpkin-colored" gift, a color hue between Laser Cannon and Boron Railgun.


It fires multiple corn kernels that deal a reasonable amount of damage with each kernel. It is recommended to use in close-medium range because it's spread gets too far if used for long distance shooting.


  • High damage, even topping out Neutron Gun and Utensil Poker
  • Increases firing rate and accuracy (slightly) every time your firepower increases (excluding 11-19)
  • Shoots multiple kernels in each shot
  • Can almost never overheat, even during automatic fire.
    Corn Shotgun Present

    Corn Shotgun Present


  • Spread is very large and firing rate is very slow if you have low firepower
  • Not that powerful against metal bosses
  • Kernels fly in random directions making them hard to aim.


  • At Firepower 20, the Corn Shotgun fires 7 corn kernels, dealing 166.666 damage each, totalling 1166.666 damage per click (Superstar Hero).
  • Upon hitting an enemy, there are little corn pellets coming down, and may potentially confuse a player who's not paying attention.

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