Chicken Invaders Universe is an upcoming MMO-like spin-off in the Chicken Invaders franchise. It will be a collaborative multiplayer experience, much more open than the previous entries, where the entire Milky Way galaxy will be left for you to explore to defend it against the greatest Chicken invasion yet. It should start with limited early access in late summer at earliest. They may do an alpha stage before it.


  • Play alone, or engage in multiplayer activities:
    • Making squadrons
    • Daily Challenges
    • Competing with friends
    • Hanging out at Space Burgers
  • Explore the Milky Way, with a completely different interface from the rest of the game. Visitable areas include:
    • Astronomical objects:
      • >100 constellations
      • >2000 star systems
      • >10000 planets
    • Landmarks:
      • Spaceship outlet - exchange or purchase spaceships
      • Auto garage - customize them with items
      • Hero University - training courses, a Chicken bestiary and a library of spaceship specs
      • Space Burgers
      • Gas station
      • Madam Madámme
      • Multiple missions in star systems to clear them from Chickens, ranging in length between 10 and 100+ waves
        • Cluck of the Dark Side-style artifact recovery missions might be included in future updates
  • Every boss from the past episodes will return, and new ones will appear
  • Procedurally generated waves, with around 100 templates to choose from
  • Limited spaceship customization, no longer including paintjobs but instead changing the design of the spaceship, such as a tail wing model, placement of the engine, etc.
    • Specific/custom paintjobs may still return
  • Differences Key unlocking:
    • Collecting those that fall out of enemies (like earlier episodes)
    • In-App Purchases
    • Key-collecting Missions
    • Increasing rate of appearance through installing specific items
    • Selling artifacts or other resources discovered
  • Lots of different breeds of Chickens, known ones returning are the Cluck of the Dark Side Chickens, Ultimate Omelette Chickens, and Metal-suit Chickens
  • Mobile versions can interact with players but will be unable to play missions together
  • Playing missions together won't be possible on the initial release, but it might be allowed later on
  • Updates after release including new missions, powerups, weapons, enemies, spaceships, spaceship customization, and new features such as the afromentioned artifact recovery missions
    • Missions dynamically added
  • Internet connection always required, with updates gradually decreasing the usage to only every once in a while to download new missions and update progress
  • Authorization code required to play on PC
  • Possibly no Editions, could still have holiday themed items
  • Beta just like Cluck of the Dark Side's Christmas Edition, Early Access
    • May also include a regular BETA-like alpha stage

Current development stage

It's approaching the alpha stage, in which InterAction studios will work on the game itself, coding and making bosses, enemies, weapons, multiplayer aspects, and other stuff.

IA is very busy with it, so much so that the remaining Editions for the latest Chicken Invaders episode (Easter and Thanksgiving) will not arrive until after this game gets released, if at all.


You can speculate about this game here.


We're currently organising a contest where you can win a free copy of this game once it releases. You can read more on it here.


  • At one point of its developement, it was planned to be Episode 6, but then it was radically reworked so much that it became a spin-off. This however doesn't prohibit the main series from coming back later on.
  • The Paradoxical Paradox joke still is in use, which can be seen by visiting this page. The page however is rather outdated now, due to the fact mentioned above. The game will use a different url too, which will likely be chickeninvadersuniverse.php.
  • This game will be the first one to break the usual edition release schedule, with Cluck of the Dark Side's Easter and Thanksgiving editions likely coming after Universe's release, if at all.