Chicken Invaders Universe will be the next game in the Chicken Invaders franchise, and is currently planned to start with limited early access in Summer 2018 if everything goes well. The game will be something along the lines of a collaborative multiplayer experience, and from what has been heard from InterAction studios, this game is going to be much more open than the previous entries. You'll still be able to play as a lone hero through the game if that's what you want, but you will also be able to do stuff like make your own squadrons, take part in daily challenges, compete with your friends, or hang out at the local Space Burgers. The game will also include a Heroes Academy, which will include stuff such as training courses, a chicken bestiary and a library of spaceship specs. It also seems like this game will no longer follow the chapter-to-chapter formula the previous entries followed.

Current development stage

It's approaching the beta stage, in which InterAction Studios will likely work on the game itself, coding and making bosses, enemies, weapons, and other stuff.

IA is very busy with it, so much so that the remaining Editions for the previous Chicken Invaders episode (Easter and Thanksgiving) will not arrive until after this game gets released. The devs are aiming at doing limited early access if everything goes well in Summer 2018. The game is going to follow a different model from the previous Chicken Invaders games, as it's going to be the first game to have an open beta and it's going to be much more of an open multiplayer experience than the previous games. The game will also be updated with new content after the release based on user suggestions. Though not much is known about how this will be done, info regarding this should appear soon on their website.


You can speculate about this game here.


  • Just to clear up, this game is NOT going to be called Episode 6. It's going to be its own thing.
  • Unlike what many people think, the game's subtitle won't be "The Paradoxical Paradox". It's a joke that has been used for CI5 before it was released, and for CI4 before it was released. You can see it here.
  • This game will be the first one to break the usual edition release schedule, with CI5's Easter and Thanksgiving editions likely coming after Universe's release, or not being made at all.