Note that this article contains a lot of speculation. Do not take everything here as a fact.

Chicken Invaders 6 (subtitle yet to be announced) will be the sixth chapter in the Chicken Invaders franchise, and will release in less than a year.

Current development stage

It is possibly in the Alpha stage, in which InterAction Studios will be designing the plot, and making ideas. If you ask them about details, they can't respond, because "the universe you're trying to contact is out of reach".

The game's developement has been already started and IA is very busy with it, so much so that the remaining Editions for the previous Chicken Invaders episode (Easter and Thanksgiving) will very likely not arrive until after this game gets released, or even they might never be made. The devs are aiming at doing the betas on Q2 2018. They might either do it like how they did with Chicken Invaders 5's Christmas edition, or they might do it like how they usually did with the previous episodes.

Theories and Confirmed Facts

Here are some of our theories and confirmed things about this chapter.

You can speculate on this chapter by clicking here.


There might be a harder final boss than Henterprise... or maybe even harder than the Yolk-Star™? Nothing much is known about it at the moment.

The plot might revolve around the Hero travelling through dimensions to stop the Chickens.

Confirmed Facts

The Egg Cannon, likely with some other unspecified bosses such as the Space Crab will come back in this episode.

This chapter will be quite different from the previous ones, which is why InterAction studios is so busy with it.


  • Unlike what many think, the game's subtitle won't be "The Paradoxical Paradox". It's a joke that has been used for CI5 before it was released, and for CI4 before it wass released. You can see it here.
  • This game will be the first one to break the usual edition release schedule, with CI5's Easter and Thanksgiving editions likely coming after CI6's release, or not being made at all.

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