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This page lists weapons present in Cluck of the Dark Side.

Name Color Overheat[1] Damage per Volley (Difficulty)[2] Fire Points
Rookie Veteran Superstar Hero Rate
Ion Blaster Red 7 1000/ 1400 500/ 700 333.333/ 466.666 Medium 1000
Neutron Gun Green122100/ 2500 1050/ 1250 700/ 833.333 Medium2,000
Laser Cannon Orange71800/ 2000 900/ 1000 600/ 666.666 Medium3,000
*Vulcan Chaingun Blue/Cyan7480/ 600 240/ 300 160/ 200 High4,000
Lightning Fryer Cyan/White91000/ 1500 500/ 750 333.333/ 500 Medium5,000
*Plasma Rifle Dark Purple41400/ 1600 700/ 800 466.666/ 533.333 Medium6,000
*Utensil Poker Gray152250/ 2850 1125/ 1425 750/ 950 Medium7,000
Boron Railgun Yellow7600/ 750 300/ 375 200/ 250 High8,000
Photon Swarm Blue6400/ 600 200/ 300 133.333/ 200 Hypersonic9,000
Positron Stream Purple/Pink6600/ 650 300/ 325 200/ 216.666 High10,000
Hypergun Black/Blue6.5900/ 1050 450/ 525 300/ 350 High11,000
Riddler Cyan/Pink 17 560/ 720 280/ 360 186.666/ 240 High 12,000
Corn Shotgun Brown/Yellow142400/ 2800 1200/ 1400 800/ 933.333 Low13,000
  • Overheat is calculated by pressing the button and letting the weapons fire automatically. Firing some of the weapons manually allows sustained fire for longer periods of time. Plasma rifle is the best example.
  • Damage is given by x/y. X is the damage per salvo of the weapons at power 10, y is the damage per salvo at power 20 (max power). Example: Vulcan Chaingun fires 4 bullets at 10 power, each dealing 120 damage on Rookie difficulty. Therefore, the damage value for the Vulcan is 480 under Rookie at 10 power.
  • Firerate is a rough assessment of the volleys per second for each weapon. Weapons meant for automatic fire have a higher maximum fire rate than weapons meant for manual fire.
  • Requires Utensil Poker unlockable.
  • Requires Vulcan Chaingun unlockable.
  • Requires Plasma Rifle unlockable.
  • Damage in Veteran is calculated by dividing the damage of the Rookie by half.
    • Damage in Superstar Hero is calculated by dividing the damage in Rookie by three.
  • Enemies take 1.25x damage to weapons they're weak to and 0.85x damage to weapons they're strong against.


Ion Blaster (1,000 points)

Ion Blaster weapon starts with a single accelerating projectile, causing a 100 damage. When it's upgraded, the bullet output is increased into two single shots. Fourth upgrade will cause the weapon to spread. On the maximum power level, it shoots 7 double bullet shots (200 each, totalling 1400). Not recommended for boss levels, since it's hard to focus the shot unless you are really close to the enemy. The color of the present is red.

Neutron Gun (2,000 points)

The basic weapon starts with a single weak neutron shot. It has more power than any weapons (second only to Utensil Poker). At its maximum power it shoots 5 big neutrons causing a damage of 500 each (2500 total). Highly recommended for boss fights. It has a low overheat rate (second only to Utensil Poker), and it's not recommended to fire this weapon automatically. The color of the present is green.

Laser Cannon (3,000 points)

The Laser Cannon blasts a red thin beam (100 damage, same as Ion Blaster) at its basic form. When powered, the damage increases up to 400 per beam (2000 total) and a minor spread shot. Overheats rather quickly, even in semi-automatic. The color of the present is orange.

Vulcan Chaingun (4,000 points)

Vulcan Chaingun has to be first unlocked. The basic form shoots alternating bullets (left and right) and when increased in power the weapon synchronises its shots. On the maximum power level, it shoots 5 projectiles. It's definitely not recommended for bosses due to its low damage output. The color of the present is dark blue.

Lighting Fryer (5,000 points)

The basic form has a very weak lightning bolt (it even deals the lowest damage out of everything in the game at this point!). The power of the bolt increases with power upgrades. On ⚡5, the weapon splits into two weak lightning bolts. The maximum power has 3 lightning bolts. It can auto aim and has low overheat. The color of the present is pale cyan with a white ribbon.

Plasma Rifle (6,000 points)

The Plasma Rifle has to be first unlocked. It deals high damage (up to 1600 when maximum charged), but it overheats very quickly. It's recommended to be shot manually. The color of the present is dark purple.

Utensil Poker (7,000 points)

The Utensil Poker has to be first unlocked. This weapon has the destruction capabilty of the Neutron Gun and the spreading capability of the Ion Blaster. On ⚡20 it shoots five large forks (450 damage) with additional 2 small forks (300 damage).The color of the present is gray with a black ribbon.

Boron Railgun (8,000 points)

Similar to the Vulcan Chaingun but gold-yellow. At ⚡20, it shoots out 5 projectiles dealing 150 (750 combined) damage per shot. It is slightly stronger, quicker and faster than the Vulcan Chaingun. It has no spread and overheats slowly, although it adds up very quickly when shot automatically. It's good against weak lined up enemies.

Photon Swarm (9,000 points)

The Photon Swarm starts with a low fire rate, however when it's fully charged the weapon has a very high fire rate. It always fires 4 bullets regardless of the current power level. With power upgrades the firing rate increases up to a point where it reaches ⚡20. There, the projectiIes change their color to orange. The color of the present is blue.

Positron Stream (10,000 points)

A single powerful purple beam that incinerates chickens and machinery. It works similar to the Lightning Frier and the Plasma Rifle, except for lower overall damage and higher firing speed. It's the best weapon to use at lower power levels, though it quickly gets beaten by other weapons at later power levels. It deals 650 damage at full power. The streams tend to bend a lot although this has no effect. It has slight auto-aim, no spread and instantly hits enemies. Good against certain strong enemies, strong against barriers. The color of the present is pink.

Hypergun (11,000 points)

A weapon that is similar to the Boron Railgun and Vulcan Chaingun. On ⚡0, it will fire a single bullet dealing 150 damage, and at ⚡20, it will fire 7 bullets each dealing 150 damage. It has a good firerate so it's good for bosses and waves, however it also overheats fast (especially at max power) so take caution. The bullets also form slight patterns when fired automatically. The color of the present is dark with a blue ribbon.

Riddler (12,000 points)

The Riddler is one of the worse weapons in the game (unless you click really fast). On ⚡1 through ⚡6, it will fire 5-8 shards dealing 80 in a spreading motion, at max power it will fire 8-10 bullets each dealing 80 in a straight way (instead of spread fire), it also overheats really slow so manual firing is not recommended. The color of the present is cyan with a pink ribbon.

Corn Shotgun (13,000 points)

A weapon that fires 5-6 corn projectiles in a spreading motion that deals 400 damage each. On ⚡0 it has a very slow firerate but at ⚡20 it will fire very fast. It overheats slowly, and it's great for certain bosses and waves. The color of the present is brown with an yellow ribbon.


  1. Overheat is calculated by pressing the button and letting the weapons fire automaticaly.
  2. Damage is the damage per volley, damage per 2 volleys, or damage per 1.5 volleys at the 10th level of the weapons depending on the firing rate of the weapons.