Part 2 of Waves

Chapter Wave description #
Lost in Space... and Time! Caution: Invader Crossing On the right side 63
Retro Invaders II 64
Invader Fly-by (Intermediate Loop) 3 Invaders 65
Caution: Invader Crossing

Look both ways!

Retro Invaders III 67
Invader Fly By (Advanced Loop) 6 Invaders 68
Caution: Invader Crossing

Look both ways

The Alien mothership 70
Chapter 8: Supernova Explosion Incoming: Supernova Debris

Clear a path!

Start of Debris 71
Supernova Debris 72-73
Supernova Debris

Faster! Faster!

Supernova Debris 75-76
Supernova Debris

You're nearly at the core!

Supernova Debris 78
Incoming: Supernova... no, wait!

It's an alien container!?

Few debris, but alien containers fly from right to the left. 79
Shoot The Core! Barrier steel shoot red lasers, an apple core shoots fast green lasers. 80
Chapter 9: A Race Against Time Warning: Attack Formations

Watch out for swooping chickens!

First, chick, then swooping chicken, and again until end. 81
Bundle o' chicks More chickens and chickenaut than Wave 24 82
Ultimate Extreme Square Dancing Largest screen on chicks and chickens 83
shoot and scoot Same as Wave ??, but more scooting UFOs than usual. 84
caught by surprise! Same as Wave 15, but more chickens than usual, instead of eggs. 85
Electrifying Descent Same as Wave 54 86
Rolling ball O' Chicks 3 Chickenauts, and lots of UFO Chicks and Chickens 87
shape shifters Same as Wave 14, but more barriers than chickens. 88
Object approaching: Alien Container Same as previous waves 89
The King of Crabs Space Crab #3, throws chicks and chickens (with Orange Lasers). 90
Chapter 10: Space Burger Headquarters Supply Droids Droids reward you food. 91
Surrounded by Droids It is surrounded by droids and food. 92
Security Droid Patrol

Watch your back!

Security Droids shoots lasers at you. 93
Intercepting Deliveries Foods and droids interception. 94
Droid Highway Lots of droids, and a few security droids in the highway. 95
Supply Droids Same as Wave 91, but two droids are blocking food. 96
Surrounded by Droids Same as Wave 92, but more food and droids. 97
Intercepting Deliveries Droids and Securities intercepting the foods, different than Wave 94. 98
Object Approaching: Alien Container Safeboxes will reward you satellites (similar to previouses). 99
The Iron Chef Iron Chef throws veggies at you, and more attacks 100
Chapter 11: Return to the Milky Way The Chicken Wobble Same as Wave 11, but chickens have bubble field. 101
The Weakest Link Same as Wave 25, but eggs. 102
Dazzling Coordination 2 Chickenauts, and lots of Chicks and Chickens 103
Egg Cyclone Same as Wave 58, but spawns chicks and chickens 104
Caught in the Crossfire Same as Wave 16, but 3 Chickens connected. 105
Chicks n' Chickens Same as Wave 6 but different UFO chicks and chickens. 106
Enemy Queue Same as Wave ?? but different chickens. 107
Chicken Fractals Same as Wave ?? 108
Object Approaching: Alien Container Same as Previous waves but 2 in a wave. 109
Chicken Multiplicity When destroyed, it will split into two small chickens. 110
The Ultimate Omelette Chicken Interleaving Same as Wave 51, but barriers. 111
Let The Games Begin! Two Soccer Balls and Harder Barriers. 112
Chicken Roulette Chickenauts and One Chicken in Roulette. 113
Chicken Rings Very much chickens with bubbles appea rand disappear. 114
Chicken Fortification

Don't leave the best for last!

Same as Wave 55, but UFO Chickens. 115
Chicken Vending Machine Same as Wave 18, instead of chickens, it has eggs to hatch chickens. 116
Sweeping Swoop Instead of chickens, there are more chicks than chickens and several chicks with UFOs. 117
Three-Ring Circus There have a Danger Zone in The Middle, with 3 Chickenauts and lots of ring chickens. 118
Object Approaching: Alien Container This wave contains 3 Safeboxes with Satellites in it. 119
Egg Cannon Confrontation Final encounter! Last

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