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This article contains a brief description of all waves in Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette.

Chapter 1: In a Galaxy, Far, Far Away...

Note: At the beggining of the chapter you can see that the screen zooms, this feature is unique to Ultimate Omelette and is a recurring mechanism in the game. Wave 1: The Next Generation A single wave of thirty-two Chicks

Wave 2: Chicken Aerial Show

A wave where Chickens circle around the screen with chicks following the exact movements.

Wave 3: Bad Sector

A standard wave containing sixteen Chickens and sixteen Chicks

Wave 4: The Hatchery

This wave has a Safe Zone, Chickens and Eggs (with chicks inside) will circle around it.

Wave 5: Omnidirectional Onslaught

Executes, for the first time, evasive maneuvers to defeat flying Chicks around screen

Note: this wave showed for the first time in Chicken Invaders Series, the Hero rotating

Wave 6: Chicks 'n' Chickens

At beginning of wave three Chickens are seen, and four Chicks is flying around any Chicken. If you kill one of Chickens, it will appear a next one. It will repeat four times

Wave 7: Spiral of Doom

This wave has a Safe Zone. Many Chickens and Chicks will start surrounding the Hero until they enter the Safe Zone.

Wave 8: Chicken Rings

Waves of Chickens flying in a Ring like formation

Wave 9: Alien Container

First time indoructing the Alien Container, that releases a random Satelite after destroying. There is also a Practice test of Satelites later - seven Chickens.

Wave 10: Show 'em who's Boss!

First time the Chickenaut came to fight you.First time indoruction of Space Chicken - it's a bit larger than normal Chickens, and it shooting three green lasers at time. After destroying it, you possibly think, that you end this wave, but later you may encounter Super Chicken, and also Screen will increase at fight.

Chapter 2: Two Forks are Better than One

Note: In this Chapter and only in this chapter, Hen Solo will help you.

Wave 11: The Chicken Wobble

This wave has a Safe Zone. A thirty-two Chickens.

Wave 12: Barriers to Success

First time indoructing Barriers. On top of screen is one Chicken.

Wave 13: Swimming in Space

Many groups of Chickens, that leading Chicken leads few amount of Chickens in multiple Colors.

Wave 14: Shape Shifters

This wave has a Safe Zone. Chickens, Barriers and Chicks surrounding Safe Zone.

Wave 15: Caught by Suprise!

This wave has a Safe Zone. Too Many Chickens surrouding and flying around Safe Zone.

Wave 16: Caught in the Crossfire

Flying Chickens from top to down of screen in variety directions. Some Chickens are connected by lasers.

Wave 17: Square Dancing

As the name, several Chickens flying in square dance formation.

Wave 18: Chicken Vending Machine

Chicken works like Vending Machine, and a Heavy Barrier separates them.

Wave 19: Alien Container

Same as Wave 9, but there isn't Practice test of Satelites - only Alien Container.

Wave 20: Giant Robotic Space Crab

Encounter with Space Crab #1.

Chapter 3: You Can't Make a Omelette without Breaking Eggs

Wave 21: Roundabout Approach

This wave has a Safe Zone. Lot of Chickens and Chicks approach, later flying around Safe Zone, and it forming into a Square.

Wave 22: Technological Advances

Introdution of UFO Chicks, there are few of them, and every while it can fly from left or right side of screen.

Wave 23: Gyroscope Malfunction

This wave has a Danger Zone. Four Chicken will try to fly into Hero, that will destroy him, if you destroy a Chicken, it will appear a new one from any-side possibility, that can do it multiple times. Also, Hero will insanely rotate at every moment.

Wave 24: Boundle of Chicks

Many Chickens and Chicks surrounding four UFO Chicks, and a Bomb.

Note: Bomb appeared first time in Series.

Wave 25: The Weakest Link

Barriers and a Chicken is like that Formation. Nearby Chicken is a Weak Barrier, nearby Weak Barrier is a Normal Barrier, nearby Normal Barrier is a Hard Barrier, and nearby Hard Barrier is a Hard Barrier next time. Those few formations are very closely to next of it.

Wave 26: Chick Loop

Several dozens of Chicks and UFO Chicks flying in a Loop.

Wave 27: Eggshell Fields

In this wave, a random several eggs is slowly flying in one direction. Eggs has three sizes and any of them contains something. Small Egg - Chick, and 100 Points Coin Normal Egg - Chicken, and 1000 ,Points Coin ,Big Egg - UFO Chick, and 10000 Points Coin.

Wave 28: Chicken Interception

A few UFO Chickens leading a few Chicks.

Note: First time introducing UFO Chickens.

Wave 29: Alien Container

Same as Wave 19

Wave 30: Egg Cannon Confrontation

At beginning the of the wave, The Egg Cannon was seen, but later it retreats and releases the Mother-Hen Ship. You will have to fight the Mother-Hen Ship instead of The Egg Cannon.

Chapter 4: The Feather Fields of Yolkon-7

Note: This entire chapter (except for the chapters that include Chickens) has floating feathers as "enemies" (or in this case, obstacles), you can only destroy them by detonating the random flying bombs on-screen (or as well launch mines/missiles). Otherwise, use your weapon to "blow" them away.

Wave 31: Floating Feathers

This wave has a Danger Zone. Feathers coming towards you.

Wave 32: Floating Feathers

Same as Wave 31.

Wave 33: Chicken Ambush

There is a smaller amount of feathers in exchange of Chickens flying towards the direction you face in linear fashions.

Wave 34: Pillow Fight

Same as Wave 31.

Wave 35: Pillow Fight

Same as Wave 31.

Wave 36: Chicken Ambush

Same as Wave 34.

Wave 37: Feathers, Feathers Everywhere

Same as Wave 31.

Wave 38: Feathers, Feathers Everywhere

Same as Wave 31.

Wave 39: Alien Container

The usual Alien Container, destroy it to obtain a random satellite.

Wave 40: Twice Infinity

Encounter with two Infinity Twins.

Chapter 5: Turn Left at The Space Crab Nebula

Wave 41: The Replacements

Lots of Chicks and Chickens fly nearby to the bottom of the screen, and later it forming a Square.

Wave 42: Bullet Spray

Chickens Sprays from top to random side of screen, and also Hero rotating slightly.

Wave 43: Do Not Cross

This wave has a Danger Zone. There is a Ball-shaped Barrier that is shooting lasers with connected Chicks, Chickens and Eggs with Chicks inside.

Wave 44: Ultimate Square Dancing

Same as Wave 17, but now Screen is increased and also there is more Chickens and Eggs with Chicks inside.

Wave 45: Shoot and Scoot

Same as Wave 22, but instead of UFO Chickens there are Aliens in UFOs.

Wave 46: Enemy Queue

In Queue are - Three Chicks, Level 1 Barrier, Three Chickens, Level 2 Barrier, Three Metal-Suited Chickens, Level 3 Barrier and Eggs. Note: Metal-Suited Chickens has a debut in this wave.

Wave 47: Chicken Fractals

There are Chickens in a Big Square Formation.

Wave 48: Fenced In

For beginning, there are two Chicks connected with Laser, and after destroying them, three Chickens connected by Lasers will appear, and after destroying them, four UFO Chicks connected by Lasers will appear, and after destroying them, five Metal-Suited Chickens with Lasers will appear, and after destroying them, six UFO Chickens with Lasers will appear.

Wave 49: Alien Container

Same as Wave 19.

Wave 50: Attack of the Giant Crab

Encounter with Space Crab #2.

Chapter 6: The Planetary Egg City

Wave 51: Chicken Interleaving

24 Chickens and 24 Armored Chickens surrounding themselves.

Wave 52: Chicken Roulette

This wave has Safe Zone. A big roulette builted by Barriers that has many Chickens around. Sometimes, a Bomb will fly.

Wave 53: Sweeping Swoop

This wave has a Safe Zone. Too many Chickens flying and surrounfing Safe Zone.

Wave 54: Electryfing Descent

Slowly flying Chickens from top to bottom of the screen in random positions, and they're connected by Lasers.

Wave 55: Chicken Fortification

You may see many barriers and Chickens protecting an Alien Container.

Wave 56: Let the Games Begin!

This wave has a Safe Zone. Chickens surrounding sides of screen and Barriers, and in addition - a Ball, that Chickens throwing it to a random one.

Wave 57: Bubble Bath

Chicks surrounding Chickens protected by Bubbles, and that Chickens surrounding a Space Chicken in a Bubble. If you want to destroy the Bubbles from Chicken, you must destroy the Chicks that are surrounding them. If you want to destroy the Bubble protecting the Space Chicken, you must destroy Chickens that are surrounding it.

Wave 58: Egg Cyclone

Eggs may fast flying in a Cyclone Formation. After Destroy, you will gain a random Coins

Wave 59: Alien Container

Same as Wave 19.

Wave 60: Planetary Egg City

Encounter with Planetary Egg City.

Chapter 7: Lost in Space... and Time!

Note: This chapter will only give powerups and weapons upon beating enemies, the rest of consumables are not obtained here, including keys.

Wave 61: Retro Invaders

Series of green Lego-type aliens which leave S-shaped residue to kill you. If you do not kill them, they move rapidly towards the bottom of the screen and reappear on top.

Wave 62: Invader Fly-By (Beginner Level)

Lego type aliens again but look like jet planes. They go from top to bottom.

Wave 63

Chapter 12: The Ultimate Omelette