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This is a list of encounters that you may have in Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette.



Typical and most common enemy. They have a slight chance to drop 3 coins that will give you 30,000 points when all collected.

Typical Chickens

These chickens are suited exactly like the previous games. Their attack is laying only one egg. On certain waves, they are connected by a laser and can be able to wear leotard suits from the Unlockables for 20 keys. Debuts at Wave 2.

Metal-Suited Chickens

As their name says, they have metal suits. They're 10 times stronger than an ordinary chick (estimate) and they fire Purple Ion Shots at you, but these Chickens they can't go up, left, or right. Debuts at Wave 46.

UFO Chickens

Saucers operated by Chickens. Attack is simple, firing an egg, but it targets your location. When destroyed, at place of it, a Typical Chicken will fly randomly until killed, and a disk will fall, crushing the Hero when made in contact. Debuts at Wave 28.

Chickenaut (Space Chicken)

Slightly bigger than normal Chickens and wear a spacesuit. It shoots three omnidirectional green beams that fire after each other. You'll need to defeat exactly 24 Chickenauts throughout the game. Debuts at Wave 10 as a 'Fake Boss', and reappears at Wave 57 as an enemy for good.


These are the weakest enemies in the whole game that are the 2nd generation from the Chickens. They shoot a chickwaste downwards and debuts on Wave 1.

UFO Chicks

Saucers operated by Chicks. They will shoot 2 big green wastes (or Ion shots) that go wider and wider when travelling. After destruction, everything works the same as UFO Chickens, but it will spawn a Chick, not a Chicken. Debuts at Wave 22.

Alien Container

These are new enemies that always usually appear in an X9 wave. It doesn't attack but just flies left or right, and, when destroyed, a satellite comes out of it, which can be able to be docked on your spaceship (a satellite can be either Microgun, Barbequer, Bird Flu-Gun, or ICBM, which stands for 'Instant Chicken Barbecue Missie'. Satellites are used to help you through tough bosses and waves that come out of an Alien Container.).


These are enemies that don't attack but are mostly used to protect enemies. There are 4 levels of Barriers, and the Level 4 Barrier can shoot a red projectile that only appears in Wave 80 in 'Shoot the Core!'. Debuts at Wave 12.


These enemies appeared in Chicken Invaders 2 and now reappeared in this game. They usually contain enemies that fly randomly when hatched and appear only in some waves. Debuts at Wave 4.


These enemies only appear in Chapter 4 'The Feather Fields of Yolkon-7'. They don't have any attack, you just have to push them out of you way, however, there are also bombs which can be able to burn the feathers once exploded. They only appear at Waves 31-38, and in 2 waves, Chickens appear with the feathers in 'Chicken Ambush'.

Retro Invaders

These enemies appear only in Chapter 7. They shoot 1 projectile downwards that look like the letter 'S'.

Retro Ships

Same as Retro Invaders, except they're just flying towards you and only made appearances in Waves 62, 65, and 68.

Supernova Asteroids

These enemies only appear in Chapter 8. You need to break many of these throughout the chapter, and they can split up to smaller versions of themselves when breaking each one.


These are enemies that made appearance only in Wave 44 and 94. They shoot a long, blue laser beam downwards, and unlike UFO Chicks and UFO Chickens, a big coin comes out of the UFO, and a disk will fall, as normal.


Bosses are special chickens guarding each 10th wave of all chapters that require a minimum amount of Firepower 3. If lower than that, the game will be kind to you (lol?), giving Charity (depends).


True boss of Wave 10 and normal of 110. At Wave 10, it starts off with 3.23% (because that Chickenaut does count) and has three attacks: first, when it arrives, it shoots a long, wide laser, and then it shoots omnidirectional red lasers and multiple eggs downwards.

This boss has 60000 health.

Space Crab

Series of bosses that are mechanical crabs. When destroyed at 20%, 60% and entirely, it will drop an Atom. At 40% and 80%, it drops a present.

First Encounter

Throws chicks at you, and on every third time chickens. Appears at Wave 20.

This one has 50000 health.

Second Encounter

It has a pattern: First, when the battle begins, it shoots lasers near bounds. Second, it moves the laser to left. Third is like second, but to right. It's fourth attack shoots the lasers in the center of the screen. After fourth attack it repeats. It's in Wave 50.

This one has 175000 health.

King of Crabs (Third Encounter)

Has a complex pattern. Fought in Wave 90.

1. Throws three times four invincible chickens at you.
2. Shoots it's lasers and moves them to right.
3. Throws six times one chicken and one chick at you, both invincible.
4. Identical to 2, only to left.
5. Throws three times two invincible chickens and chicks at you.
6. Shoots it's lasers in the center, and later moves first one to the left, and second one to the right.

This one has 200000 health.

Mother-Hen Ship

In the beginning of this encounter, Egg Cannon arrives, and just before the battle begins, it retreats while having you fight the boss. The Yolk is guarded by the egg's shell, and it will constantly shoot three red Ions to the left. If you destroy it's shell entirely then kill it, you'll be rewarded with three satellites. Appears at Wave 30.

It has 40000 health, and the 102 shell parts guarding it have 51000 health in total.


When they arrive, they loop around the bounds once. After doing this, they'll shoot fireballs in every direction twice. Later, after doing both, they'll just fly around and stop every few seconds to shoot green projectiles in a random direction. When both of the bosses are on-screen, they'll be connected by an laser. Appears at Wave 40, and later in Wave 110 as a part of Chicken Multiplicity.

Those two have 70000 health each.

Planetary Egg-City

Boss of Wave 60. It's attack pattern is like this:

1. Chick Swoop
2. Shoot 5 green projectiles in a quick succession at you
3. Repeat 1
4. Repeat 2
5. Repeat 1
6. Shoot some lasers in some directions

This boss has 200000 health.

Alien Mother-Ship

Large ship built from blocks. Only blocks at the bottom are available to be destoryed. It's only attack is shooting Ions downwards every 1-3 seconds, but when you blast, it will drop projectiles can also killed. Projectiles can be dropped with Atom and presents. Appears at Wave 70. After fight ends, you'll be awarded with a single satellite.

It has 212500 health in total.

Apple Core

In fight, it's surrounded by barriers that occasionally shoot red Ions. The only attack Core itself has is shooting in a quick succession 3 Ions every few seconds. If you won't destroy all of the barriers, and the Core gets killed, you will be awarded with three satellites. Appears at Wave 80.

This boss has 50000 health, and the barriers guarding it have 174300 health in total.

Iron Chef​

Appears at Wave 100. Every 10%, it drops a single present. It has a pattern: It begins with flying to the bottom to try killing you. Later, it throws six food objects at you, and then throws three times two food objects. After doing this, it shoots a food object in every direction and the pattern repeats. After destroying it, you'll get five roasted chickens (worth a single missile).

This boss has 200000 health.

Chicken Multiplicity

Battle begins by fighting Super-Chick, that shoots four rotated lasers instead of doing it's regular attacking. After you kill it, two Infini-Chicks will spawn, but will skip to their last attack. Killing one of these will spawn two Big Chickens, that will fly around and shoot eggs. Destroying one will spawn two Chickenauts, destroying one of them spawns four Chickens, and destroying one of normal Chickens will spawn four Chicks. Boss of Wave 110, and in total, you'll need to kill 175 Chickens from the whole Chicken family of this wave!

The Super Chicken in this one has 125000 health, the Infinity Twins still have 70000 health each, the Big Chickens have 25000 health each, the Chickenauts still have 3750 health each, the Chickens have 800 health each, and the Chicks have 400 health each. In total, this boss has 417800 health, which means that it has the most health out of all non-final bosses in the entire series (not counting the Big Chicken in CI1)!

The Egg Cannon

Fought at the end. This is the final boss of this game. Every 20% it gets destroyed, it will use more attacks and spawn few power-ups. It has a pattern:

  1. Chicken Wobble
  1. Orange Lasers
  1. Red Ions
  1. Egg Launch
  1. Yellow Shots

It also has 1000000 health.

More info on it's page.